Reasons to Enrol & Study: These expertly produced Diploma Programs are specially written and developed to provide essential vocational, practical and relevant knowledge so that our Members will be able to carry out job roles competently and efficiently, and gain good employment, promotion, rewarding jobs and respect.  This is achieved because after studying with CIC our Members will have the skills, ability and understanding to competently, efficiently and effectively carry out their work, tasks and jobs.


(1) Anyone enrolling for this Program (or re-enrolling) before the end of 2020 will also be enrolled free for a Course on Leadership & Organisation;

(2) During the "Covid-19" (Corona) virus pandemic, Members may opt to take an Assignment (home-based course work) instead of an Examination to complete the Program.


Style: These Diploma Programs are carefully and professionally written in a friendly style to ensure that the contents are easy-to-understand and assimilate; they include a clear and concise introduction, and cover a wide-range of important and relevant topics, with careful explanation, clear detail and many illustrations.

Work & Employment Matters: The practical, interesting and vocational manner in which the content is written and taught means that the ideas, concepts and knowledge can be put in to practice and implemented immediately at work (for Members already in employment).

Benefits & Outcomes: After studying a CIC Diploma, the CIC Member should have competence to use and apply the knowledge gained in a range of relevant professional work activities and job situations; and should have the competence, confidence and ability to accept responsibility at work, and to work unsupervised and with autonomy if required.  After studying a CIC Diploma the CIC Member should also be able to accept responsibility for the work of colleagues and for the allocation of applicable resources.

Development: Members who study one or more of CIC’s Diploma Programs will grow in ability and understanding, and will find the confidence to progress - if they need or wish - to study other related or relevant Diploma Programs, and to progress onwards to higher study and training.

Respect: Members not only receive professional training and education, they also receive a valuable international Diploma from an accredited international British College.

SUMMARY: CIC offers a range of comprehensive Diploma Programs prepared and written especially for rapid career enhancement, progress and development. They provide the essential knowledge and understanding needed for career success - and often a CIC Diploma may be all that is required for a member to achieve his or her career ambitions.  These Diploma Programs also provide an excellent route and basis for progression to Honours Diplomas (level 5), Baccalaureate and EBA Programmes (level 6), and other higher studies as well.