You may enrol on ANY DAY or DATE of the year to suit YOUR needs and convenience. 

By submitting an Enrolment/Registration Form you accept the following Terms & Conditions of Enrolment/Registration and agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations of Cambridge International College of Attoque House, St Brelade, Jersey JE3 8FP, Britain.

1. On receipt of your completed Enrolment/Registration Form and Fee payment at the College Headquarters in Britain, you will be enrolled/registered as a Member of the College.  If you give an email address, Module One for a Course or Core Subject may be emailed to you so you may commence CIC Study & Training at once.  You will also be rapidly sent - by registered airmail post* - CIC Study & Training Materials with full Study & Training Instructions on how to learn and progress rapidly with CIC - with all of which you agree to comply fully - and which may also contain Self-Assessment Tests with Recommended Answers and/or Training Tests will be available. (*Some despatches may be made by courier service such as DHL, FedEx, etc).

2. Your Study & Training Period is a fixed period of time starting from your enrolment date, but it may be extended if required on request to CIC.  The Study & Training Period is:

- 12 months for any one Diploma Program* or,

- 15 months for any two Diploma Programs* studied together, or

- 18 months for any three Diploma Programs* studied together; or

- 21 months for any four Diploma Programs* studied together

* applies to all Diploma Programs (Career Development Diplomas and Career Progress Diplomas) and Mastery of Management Graduate Diplomas.

- 21 months for an Honours Diploma Programme,

- 24 months for a Baccalaureate Programme,

- 24 months for an Advanced Business Administration (ABA) Programme,

- 36 months for an Executive  Business Administration (EBA) Programme,

- 36 months for an AMBA/AMBMA Programme,

- Double Award (CIC & UA) Study & Training periods may vary depending on circumstances but are usually: EBA & BBA degree up to 36 months; AMBMA & MBA degree up to 36 months - check specific individual terms and conditions on the relevent Application for Registration forms.

provided that you have completed payment of the agreed Fee. 

However, with study by flexible distance-learning you will be permitted to complete your Study & Training in a shorter period of time if you devote sufficient time to studies and produce satisfactory Final Examination Work, or the Study Period may be extended by arrangement with the College.  

3. During the Study & Training Period you might be offered a Mid-Training Progress Test and/or End-of-Training Progress Test for a Course or Core Subject, and/or a Past Paper.  You will have the option of whether or not to submit your Work for the Progress Test(s) for marking and assessment by qualified CIC Tutors at the College Headquarters in Britain, and receiving guidance, assistance and instruction from the Tutors on your Test Work.  If you choose to submit your Work, there is an additional ‘Tutorial Charge’ for each Test**.

(**The ‘Tutorial Charge’ is GB£35 (British Pounds) for each set of Test Work you actually submit.  You do NOT have to pay any more Fee than stated on the Enrolment/Registration Forms if you do NOT use the optional Tutorial Service.  You may pay the Tutorial Charge in advance on Enrolment/Registration OR wait until you have answered a Test to decide whether you want or need to submit the Work (and pay) for marking and assessment.)

4. At the appropriate stage of your Study & Training, and when you are ready, you will be entitled to sit the appropriate Final Examination(s)*** under approved Invigilation/Supervision in your own area.  On passing the set Examination(s) you will be awarded the appropriate CIC International Diploma or Award for the Course successfully completed.

(***‘Approved Invigilation’ means you will sit your Final Examination(s) under ‘true examination conditions’ supervised by an ‘Invigilator’ (or ‘Proctor’) appointed by the College - in your local area, wherever you are resident at the time you are ready to sit your Examination(s).  Arrangements for you to sit your Final Examination(s) under Approved Invigilation/Supervision in your local area can only be made: (1) once you are an Enrolled/Registered Member of the College; and (2) when you have made sufficient progress in your Studies & Training.  Examination arrangements cannot be made before your enrolment.)

5. As soon as you are Enrolled/Registered with CIC you will be permitted to visit the College’s special Member Services Website to see your Membership Details, Study Material Despatch Details, Examination Results, CIC Newsletters, Literature, FREE Study Modules, Study & Training Information, and more.


(*Some despatches may be made by courier service such as DHL, FedEx, etc).  

Please provide - if available - a passport-size colour photograph, by post or email.  A photograph is not essential for the commencement of your Study & Training, but may be needed for ID purposes before you sit for your Examination(s). 

With Cambridge International College you study in your country of residence.