ABA: Advanced Business Administration

Who Should Study?: The Advanced Business Administration Programme offers various Specialisations and is designed for career development and employment success. ABA study should be undertaken by men and women who want to achieve any of the following: (a) develop knowledge and understanding; (b) show they have initiative and a desire for development; (c) gain new employment or promotions to high positions; (d) achieve a successful, well-paid post of employment; (e) start and/or lead and guide to success their own businesses.

Flexible-duration: Each person who enrols/registers - who becomes a ‘Member’ of the College - has a 2-year Membership period with the College. BUT, each Member may study and complete at his or her own pace (for example, in 15 or 18 or 30 months - speed and progress is flexible.)

Study Materials: High-quality Study Materials are INCLUDED within the Fee. These Study Materials for each Subject are written and prepared by experts; they will help you progress rapidly in your study, and help you gain important general and “specialist” knowledge, to help accelerate career development.

Study Exemptions: Holders of CIC Diplomas or other CIC qualifications (or similar standard qualifications with a similar syllabus from other institutions) might be allowed Study Exemption from one or more of the Core Subjects (Study Exemptions are assessed on a subject-by-subject basis).

Level: An Advanced Business Administration award is level 5+ which is equivalent to foundation and associate degrees and qualifications of similar levels.

Study Outcome: Achieving an Advanced Business Administration award demonstrates that you high-level knowledge and understanding in the specialist field studied; this provides very wide and varied high-level opportunities for appropriate career advancement in management and high-level administrative posts.

Further Study: There are many possibilities for going on to higher levels of study including to CIC’s EBA and EMBA Programmes, and Double Award Bachelor (BBA) and graduate (MBA) Masters degree levels of study and programmes.

ABA: Advanced Business Administration