EBA: Executive Business Administration

The Aim: This professional Programme is designed to develop the high-level skills and competencies vital in men and women seeking successful careers in business, management, administration and related specialisations, at senior, upper management and executive levels.

Who Should Register: This enjoyable and rewarding Programme is for men and women aiming to be successful and effective leaders, executives and senior managers; and those seeking promotion to senior positions; and those who wish to become competent, efficient, knowledgeable, respected executives, business people, managers or administrators.  

The Programme is primarily designed for men and women already in employment, and who are ambitious to expand and increase knowledge, ability and understanding, and to succeed at high levels within their organisation; it will also allow and prepare them to take their own businesses (if they are business owners or entrepreneurs) sections or departments to greater success and development. However, suitably qualified men and women who are not currently in employment may also apply and study the Executive EBA.

Content & Study: The EBA Programme offers the study of a wide range of important, interesting, technical, practical, and specialist subjects.  The professionally-produced study materials prepared by leading experts enable Members to learn rapidly and enjoyably.  It includes the preparation of a Project to blend the practical and theoretical knowledge gained, and to increase analytical ability.  The Programme will greatly improve skills and competencies and take knowledge and confidence to higher levels, and offers an opportunity to specialise as well as gaining excellent business, management and administration knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the modern business environment.

An Additional Benefit: On the EBA Members gain a valuable award for each Study Year completed:  

  • on completion of the First Study Year an EBA First Year certificate will be awarded;  
  • on completion of the Second Study Year an EBA Second Year certificate will be awarded;  
  • and on completion of the three Study Years, CIC’s prestigious Executive Business Administration Award (with a detailed grade sheet) will be awarded. 

The awards for each ‘Study Year’ successfully completed provide proof to employers and others of progress, of achievement, of commitment to improvement, of development and of on-going success.

Level and Progression: The EBA is designed as a level-6 programme, and so graduate degree level study is usually next for those wishing to pursue further study and qualifications, such as CIC’s EMBA or the Double Award EMBA & MBA degree Programme.  Mastery of Management Graduate Diplomas offer an additional MBA-level focus or specialisation, or progression is available with other educational providers or universities. 

Outcome: Men and women who complete this EBA are destined for high-level, respected, well-paid posts with high responsibility, carried out professionally with technical, managerial and analytical ability.

Study at this level is appropriate for men and women aspiring to executive level positions, in which competence, initiative, personal responsibility and problem-solving skills are all regularly required. Such positions demand detailed knowledge and the ability for it to be applied in a range of complex and executive work situations.  Work activities require the qualities and ability to be able to evaluate data and information, to reach sound judgements, to make appropriate decisions and to communicate effectively with subordinates, work colleagues and others; the EBA Programme is designed for successful careers requiring competencies like these.

EBA: Executive Business Administration