EMBA: Executive Mastery of Business Administration

Key Summary: This professionally designed, flexible EMBA Programme will develop the advanced executive management, business and administration skills and abilities which are essential to prepare men and women for senior and executive level business and managerial positions in today’s highly competitive global world.

  • The EMBA provides practical career-oriented ability and knowledge, high-level graduate understanding and rapid learning, ensuring the Programme is enjoyable, effective and beneficial.
  • As well as studying core Subjects which are essential for understanding the operations and management of enterprises, you choose a specialisation and undertake a Project/Thesis. 
  • The EMBA is designed to accelerate your high-level career development towards well-paid senior and executive positions, and give you skills to ensure your effectiveness in such posts.


EMBA: This is a popular but demanding level 7 - graduate degree level* - programme.  It is flexible, expertly produced and designed, with study materials and content written and produced by world-leading experts and publishers. (** EMBA holders also qualify for a 'Double Award' UA Masters MBA degree.)

Who the EMBA is for: This Programme is for men and women aiming to get to the top of their chosen careers, and who are motivated, highly-driven and determined to be successful, top-quality leaders, executives, business people and senior managers; they recognise the importance of high-quality study, training and education in our highly competitive business world. 

Level & challenge: This is the highest-level and most challenging study-based Programme** which the College offers but it offers in return great rewards in terms of the potential to achieve top careers, high pay and good benefits.  (** A Research-based Doctorate is also offered - anyone who completes this EMBA Programme qualifies for entry onto the 'Double Award' UA Doctorate degree programme.)

Structure: The first two Study Years provide a wide-ranging practical-oriented view of the business and commercial environment, covering important subjects with a focus on management and business.  The third Study Year provides high-level subjects with a technical and academic content, yet always with a focus on the practical application of the subject knowledge; it covers strategic management and policy, managerial economics, and business finance; and the 2 Specialisation Subjects. As part of the Programme a thesis/project is prepared, incorporating both theoretical and practical aspects of the project topic, and incorporating study of key MBA management models, designed to be both enjoyable and stimulating, and to increase research, analytical and assessment skills.

Career Aims & Direction: The subjects of study are needed by, and are appropriate for, current and future senior managers, executives and company/department leaders, and are essential for understanding the operations of enterprises.  Completing the Programme is preparation for accelerated high-level career development and shows that the holder has excellent knowledge and education, and is destined for career success.

Flexibility & Duration: The flexible 3-Year Programme can be studied and completed at the pace which is required and suitable for you, and applicants with suitable qualifications might be granted Study Exemption from one or more of the First or Second Study Year Subjects; an EMBA “Assessment for Eligibility to Register” Form is available on request.

Specialisations: Various Specialisations are offered.  On request it may be possible to provide additional Specialisations too - for instance, a special Specialisation has just been requested (and agreed to) on Shipping & Ports Management.

AMBA & AMBMA: Note: Up until August 2017 this Programme was known as the Advanced Mastery of Business Administration (AMBA) Programme, but based on feed-back was re-named to reflect the wide, professional and interesting executive and graduate degree-level content of the Programme; however, applicants can still register for the Programme under that title, and gain the final award in that title.  The Programme may also be studied under - and an award issued - under the title of Advanced Mastery of Business Management & Administration (AMBMA) to reflect in particular the management content and focus of the programme.  In either case, the Programme content and requirements are identical, but the title is variable to meet the specific needs and preferences of men and women in the different countries and regions of the world in which they live and work.

EMBA: Executive Mastery of Business Administration