The Programme: The Baccalaureate in Business Administration (with various Specialisations) offers flexible study, training and education which is essential for management, business and administration success in today’s competitive world of international trade and global business.     


Career Aims: The professional and enjoyable 2-year Programme provides a wide-range of key knowledge and understanding.  This professional Programme is designed by leading professionals for ambitious men and women seeking the high-level skills and competencies vital for the development of successful careers in business, commerce, finance, management, marketing, human resource, logistics and administration, in commercial, industrial and government posts.

Study: Each of the two ‘Study Years’ of this professional Business Administration Programme comprises four Core Subjects.  The four Subjects studied in ‘Study Year One’ are the same (mandatory) for all Specialisations; the Second Study Year Subjects focus on the Specialisation or ‘Major’ selected.

Content: The high-quality Study Materials compiled by experts ensure the acquisition of wide-ranging knowledge to help accelerate career development.  CIC’s Baccalaureate Programme increases depth of knowledge, understanding, evaluation and analysis ability and demonstrates high level ability, confidence in job roles, substantial autonomy and significant management responsibility. 

Exemptions: The Programme also takes account of present qualifications and work experience so that suitably qualified applicants might be granted Study Exemption from one or more of the Core Subjects.

Progression: The holder of a CIC Baccalaureate may proceed to higher levels of study including to CIC’s Executive EBA for further specialisation and to the Executive EMBA Programmes, and will usually gain automatic acceptance with Study Exemption; and a range of CIC Mastery of Management Graduate Diplomas are available for further high-level focused specialization, additional knowledge and graduate-level qualifications; and Double Award UA Bachelor (BBA) studies which in turn can lead to the MBA degree Programme. 

Outcome: A Baccalaureate award demonstrates significant knowledge and ability in business, management and administration, in leadership, strategic management and other important subjects, as well as high-level knowledge in the specialist field studied; this provides very wide and varied high-level opportunities for career advancement in management and high-level administrative posts. Study at this level is appropriate for talented men and women who need to develop and demonstrate competence, initiative, personal responsibility and problem-solving skills in their work and careers; studying the Baccalaureate Programme will indicate the possession of detailed knowledge and understanding which can be applied in a range of standard and complex work situations.  Appropriate work activities require the qualities and ability to be able to evaluate data and information, to reach sound judgments, to make appropriate decisions and to communicate effectively with subordinates, work colleagues and others.