Summary: These Programs provide the opportunity to study high-level specialist subjects comprising market-leading content which can be applied professionally at work.  They are for men and women aiming to be specialist senior managers, directors, executives and professionals.             

Who Should Study: These Programs are designed for men and women who already possess a good level of knowledge and who have completed appropriate levels of study, training and education; and who require specialist knowledge for their careers; and who wish to gain specialist, high-level awards in a particular career area. Applicants who hold a CIC Honours Diploma, Baccalaureate, EBA or equivalent, and/or have significant relevant work experience, will usually automatically be accepted to study any one or more of these Graduate Diploma Programs.

Level and Content: The Program materials and syllabuses incorporate the strongest educational materials and syllabuses written by leading authors and experts, and have been developed and produced by leading professionals. These are level-7 Programs, meaning they are MBA/MSc Masters degree level, but can be attained within a year and achieved without needing to study longer duration MBA or Masters degree level courses.  

Progression or Related Studies: Further recommended study to broaden knowledge includes (if not already held) the Baccalaureate or EBA for wide, high-level, understanding business, administration, management; or a full graduate-level EMBA programme.


Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma