Cambridge International College offers a special Certificate Course on Management & Business, which will provide you with valuable knowledge and understanding across a range of 10 management and business subjects.

This Course is intended to inspire your interest in various different management and business, and encourage you to continue studies with CIC and to gain one or more of CIC’s professional Diplomas in the subject(s) in which you are most interested.

The content of this Course on ‘Management & Business’ is provided free of charge with the compliments of Cambridge International College (CIC) of Jersey, Britain.  The content of this Course is available in SOFTCOPY only, as a PDF document (note, for all CIC Programs - Diploma, Honours, ABA, Baccalaureate, EBA, Graduate Diploma, EMBA, and any others, the Study Materials comprise professionally printed and produced hard-copy Study Manuals and/or Study Publications which are included in the Fee).

Any of your friends, family, colleagues or others may study the content of this Course on ‘Management & Business’ free of charge - and if any of them wish to, they may apply (and pay an Exam Fee) to sit an Examination to gain a CIC Certificate on Management & Business.