Cambridge International College is an accredited distance-learning College which was founded in 1935, and whose Headquarters are in Jersey, Britain.  The College (CIC): is legally incorporated and registered in Jersey, Britain; is permitted to offer and grant diplomas and certificates and higher awards for the Programs it offers; acts and operates lawfully in accordance with domestic legislation and with the knowledge of the Government; is confirmed and acknowledged by the Government as being accredited and meeting quality standards and holding ‘recognised’ status to offer programs and provide awards worldwide.

In addition to the excellent study, training and education you will receive from this experienced and renowned international College and the range of high-quality courses designed to ensure your career success, here are:

10 Excellent Reasons why you should Study with Cambridge International College

  • You and your personal aims and goals are what matters to CIC.
  • Everything you need to succeed in your course is provided to you.
  • You are able to study wherever you are, in any area and any country.
  • You can enrol and start immediately, or whenever is convenient for you.
  • You study at your own pace and convenience.
  • Your study & training period is flexible.
  • You can rapidly master CIC Study & Training Manuals and Publications.
  • CIC study fits with your employment goals and responsibilities.
  • We ensure access and equality for all, whatever your background.
  • CIC will provide helpful advice and rapid assistance to you when needed.

For more details, see below:

  • YOU AND YOUR PERSONAL AIMS ARE WHAT MATTERS TO CIC.  You will receive personal and individual attention from CIC.  CIC will treat you as a mature person and will respect your goals and your aims; you will be a valued ‘Member’ of CIC, and you can rely on CIC’s high quality management, support and experience to help you to succeed and to achieve YOUR ambitions!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED IS PROVIDED.  Your CIC Fee includes all of this:- your registration as a Member with CIC; registration documents and invoice; your own high-quality, professionally written and produced International CIC Study & Training Publications; a detailed and professional Study & Training Guide with instructions and advice on how best to study and to answer Assessments and Examinations; self-Assessment Tests with Recommended Answers, a Progress Chart, Training Tests and optional Tutorial Support Service; the appropriate Assessment/Examination and marking of answers; and the CIC Diploma, Honours Diploma, Baccalaureate, EBA, Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma or EMBA award on successful completion of your CIC Study & Training.  You will also have your personal page on CIC’s Member Services website with access to results, despatch details, advice and guidance; regular Newsletters, and details of special offers, new Programs, competitions and more.
  • YOU ARE ABLE TO STUDY WHEREVER YOU ARE.  When you enrol with CIC you will be provided with your own professional CIC Study Materials and Study Guide.  That means you can study wherever you are - in your own country, in your own region, in your own town or city, in your own house - or at your workplace, whilst you are travelling - anywhere!  You do not need to travel to CIC premises, centres or other locations - you have maximum flexibility to study wherever and whenever you wish to.
  • YOU CAN ENROL AND START IMMEDIATELY.  You can register and commence your CIC Study & Training on ANY day of the year, whenever you are ready and able to do so; there are no set semesters, terms or registration dates.  The first Study Modules can also be sent to you by email or via the CIC website, so your study can start as soon as you enrol (your full CIC Study Materials will be sent to you rapidly by registered airmail post or courier).
  • YOU STUDY AT YOUR OWN PACE AND CONVENIENCE.   You are able to study at the pace which best suits your circumstances and which will ensure YOUR success, at home, at work, in the day or at night.  Because most CIC Members study by distance-learning, you will NOT be delayed by slower learners, absent lecturers, by fixed school terms or holidays. And the CIC Study & Training Guide gives professional advice on how best to study and progress.
  • YOUR STUDY & TRAINING PERIOD IS FLEXIBLE. Depending upon the Study & Training course(s) you enrol for, your Membership Study Period is a certain period of time BUT the actual time taken to complete your studies is flexible.  For example, if you enrol for a Diploma Program then your Study Period is 12 months but you could complete in just a few months, or you can take up to 24 months if needed; or if for example you enrol for the Executive Business Administration programme your Study Period is 36 months but some Members take as little as half that time, whilst others take longer.  With CIC, YOUR circumstances and needs come first.
  • YOU CAN RAPIDLY MASTER CIC STUDY & TRAINING MANUALS/PUBLICATIONS.  All of CIC’s Study Materials are written by highly skilled and expert Writers, Tutors and Lecturers, Professors and leading Professionals, and the contents and syllabi are carefully reviewed and regularly updated.  All of this is supervised by CIC’s highly experienced Executives to ensure that you will be able to rapidly progress, even if your main language is not English.  (Note, CIC offers various options if, for example, your English is weak and you prefer to write answers in Arabic, French or Portuguese language).
  • EMPLOYMENT.  CIC Study & Training is perfect if you are already employed; you do NOT need to give up work or take unpaid “study leave” to study with CIC.  You can also put into practice at work the knowledge you gain as you study - many CIC Members report that they are given promotions and more recognition even before they have gained their CIC awards - because what they study with CIC allows them to improve their work enormously. And if you are not yet employed (or are looking for a new job or employment) then CIC is YOUR rapid route to good jobs, promotions and top careers!
  • ACCESS AND EQUALITY FOR ALL.  CIC is committed to its Equal Opportunity Policy and Special Needs Policy.  All applicants and Members are treated equally regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, disability, religious or political views, social or economic background; nobody will be excluded from the opportunity to study with CIC; nobody will be disadvantaged due to a disability or special needs.
  • ADVICE AND ASSISTANCE. Before, during and after CIC Study & Training you may ask CIC’s experienced Consultants for advice on initial studies and career prospects, and on progressing to higher Study & Training with confidence.  CIC’s experienced and helpful staff can assist with special requests such as for duplicate awards, transcripts, with attestations and recommendation letters if needed, and more, by post and email.  

And there are many, many more reasons why you should choose CIC to study with to achieve your career goals and your study, training and educational ambitions.

Why choose CIC