Joint ILM City & Guilds & CIC Awards (Higher, ABA, EBA, EMBA)

What it Means: On successfully completing a Joint Awards Programme you will receive 2 qualifications: (a) one from Cambridge International College and (b) one from ILM City & Guilds Institute.

Quality & Recognition: The joint awards Programme is based upon and offered in recognition of:

- Cambridge International College being an international accredited College with Approved Provider status which is authorised to offer Program worldwide; and

- ILM City & Guilds Institute being the UK’s largest body for qualifications in leadership and management.

The Joint Awards - the 2 awards - will be conferred on successful completion of the CIC Programme undertaken:

  • Honours (Higher) Diploma Programme
  • ABA
  • EBA
  • EMBA

Each Programme is Endorsed which means that the Programme Aims and Objectives, the Content and Study Materials, the Delivery/Learning Methods, the Programme Staff, the Assessment Methods, and the administration of learners are all Approved - which also means that you can be confident in the high quality content and professional delivery of CIC and CIC Programmes.

Benefits: Not only are all the benefits achieved of studying a CIC Programme and gaining a CIC award, but an additional award from ILM City & Guilds is achievable at a very affordable cost, and your CV and list of awards will be increased and even more impressive.