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(1) For the period 1st April to 30th June 2020, anyone enrolling for this Program will also be enrolled free for a Course on Leadership & Organisation;

(2) During the "Covid-19" (Corona) virus pandemic, Members may opt to take an Assignment (home-based course work) instead of an Examination to complete the Program.

  • Covid-19 Update: CIC is still functioning as normal

    Open as Usual - Assignment Option - Free Course Offer


    The Covid-19 “Corona” virus is affecting many people worldwide so we have prepared some ‘Questions & Answers’ about Studying and Enrolling with the College, PLUS details about a FREE Program when you enrol with CIC between 1st April and 30th June 2020, PLUS an Assignment Option to take an "open-book" Assignment instead of an Invigilated Exam.

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  • 85th Anniversary Game

    85th Anniversary Game


    Enter the College's "85th Anniversary" Competition - you could win US$850 or free enrolment on to CIC Diploma Programs. At the same time, learn more about the unique history of this respected College.

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  • Spring 2020 Newsletter


    Spring 2020 Newsletter: The 85th Anniversary of the College - Special Fees Offer - Testimonials and Success Stories - IPMA - ILMCG

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  • Prospectus (softcopy)

    Prospectus (softcopy)


    The Cambridge International College Global Prospectus (softcopy - to view and to print)

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  • Refunds Policy (1)

    Refunds Policy (1)


    Policy statement relating to refund requests, or course changes.

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  • Specialist Higher Diploma Computers & IT Systems Management & Security

    Specialist Higher Diploma Computers & IT Systems Management & Security


    Become a valuable, knowledgeable person with wide-ranging knowldge, understanding and skills in Computers & IT systems - their management, design, development, security and protection.

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  • HELP Dadaab - Sponsorships 2019

    HELP Dadaab - Sponsorships 2019


    The registered Charity HELP Dadaab, in partnership with the College and various other sponsors, and with the help of the United Nations, has in August 2019 successfully achieved the sponsorship of 146 men and women in and around refugee camps in Eastern Kenya, to study a professional career development Program with the College - see below.  Over the past 4 years, hundreds of refugees (and some locals) have benefitted from the sponsorship provided, and have gained access to study, training and education - and achieved relocation and gained employment - which otherwise would have been beyond their reach. 

    For details of the work of HELP Dadaab, and/or how to support their invaluable work, you can contact the Charity on email at:  and through their website: 

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  • Summer 2019 Newsletter

    Summer 2019 Newsletter


    The Summer 2019 Newsletter is available - News, Success Stories, New Programs and Special Offers,  Competition and more.

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  • Enrolment Forms Booklet

    Enrolment Forms Booklet


    Enrolment/Registration Forms Booklet (softcopy - to view and to print) including Terms & Conditions of Enrolment, How to Pay Fees, and What Is Included

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  • Spring 2019 Newsletter

    Spring 2019 Newsletter


    Spring 2019 News: new courses and specialisations, special fee reductions, Member success stories, new competition, 2019 calendar, and more

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  • Summer/Autumn 2018 Newsletter

    Summer/Autumn 2018 Newsletter


    The newest Newsletter is packed full of news, stories, details about new Programs, 2 Fee-reduction offers, the new Competition (win US$500!) and very much more.  Also, let the news of Member's successes, promotions, new jobs, etc, inspire YOU to achieve the same!

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  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy


    Privacy Policy relating to personal data and information

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  • Spring 2018 Newsletter

    Spring 2018 Newsletter


    • The Spring 2018 Newsletter has details of new Programs and Special Fee Offers, Members News and Success Stories, CIC's accreditation by ASIC, Graduation Ceremonies, Interviews, Charity Work - and more!

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  • Insurance Institute of East Africa

    Insurance Institute of East Africa


    Insurance Institute of East Africa

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  • Free Course - Management & Business



    The content of this Course on Management & Business is provided FREE OF CHARGE with the compliments of Cambridge International College. It is provided in SOFTCOPY format and may be downloaded by you to study and keep (if you cannot download it, ask CIC to email a copy to you).  Your friends, family, colleagues and other acquaintances may also study the content of this Course free of charge.  For more details and to access the Study Content:

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  • ILM

    Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)


    One of the British Awarding Bodies which approves and endorses CIC and CIC qualifications is the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). 

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    Cambridge International College (Jersey) is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).

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  • Charity - Help Dadaab


    CIC's chosen and approved Lead Charity for 2017/2018 is Help Dadaab: providing education to refugees and the disadvantaged.

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  • Autumn 2017 Newsletter

    Autumn 2017 Newsletter


    The Autumn 2017 Newsletter has details of Members News and Success Stories, CIC's approval by BILD and CIC's BILD Quality Mark, new Programs and Specialisations in the new Prospectus - and more!

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  • Ministry of External Affairs

    Ministry of External Affairs


    Cambridge International College & the Ministry of External Affairs

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