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Operations & Quality Management

This Program gives a comprehensive understanding of the key issues and techniques of operations management; it is a vital subject because operations management is the function that plans, organises, coordinates, and controls the resources needed to produce a company’s goods and services making the best, professional and efficient use of the organisational resources available.

Operations Management is important because it is concerned with creating all of the products and services upon which we depend, and because every service and product that we use or produce is the result of an operation or process.  It is an exciting subject as it is at the centre of many of the changes affecting the world of business.  It is challenging because the solutions that we find need to work cost-effectively and efficiently, both within the organisation or company and globally.  Operations management needs to be conducted responsibly, taking account of responsibilities to society and the environment.  This Program aims to give you a thorough insight into Operations Management and the key concerns of the subject, and the ability to put that knowledge into practice. 


(1) Anybody enrolling for this Programme before 31st December 2024 will also be enrolled FREE for a Course on Strategy, Quality & Contemporary Business Concerns; the only requirement is that you provide your personal email address to the College on enrolment.

(2) During the “Covid-19” (Corona) virus pandemic and in lock-down periods, affected Members may be allowed to take Assignments (home-based course work) instead of or in addition to sitting Examinations to complete the Programme; details can be provided on request after enrolment onto the Programme.

  • Summary of major topics
  • What is included
  • Related courses
  • Study & Career development

Summary of Major Topics:

  • Explaining Operations Management. 
  • The Input-Transformation-Output Process, Process Hierarchy.
  • Operations Strategy, Operations Resources.
  • Market Requirements, Social, Environmental and Economic Performance.
  • The Design of Services and Products, Stages in Design, Design Details.
  • Effects of Volume and Variety on Operations. 
  • The Location of Operations, Positioning and Layout; Operations Flow.
  • Managing and Designing Supply Networks. Network Dynamics.
  • Capacity Management; Measuring Capacity, Demand Fluctuations, Queueing Theory.
  • Inventory Management and Control.
  • Supply and Demand Concerns
  • Planning and Control of Ongoing Operations.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  • Lean Synchronization.
  • Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Waste.
  • Total Quality Management, Achieving Conformance, Specification, Improvement.

(A more detailed outline of contents is available on request)

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This Program teaches what is needed to become a senior and valued operations manager, and how to deal with and manage inventory, supply and design issues. It deals with many factors which impact upon the success, efficiency and profitability of an organization. Dealing with many matters like location and layout of resources and equipment, planning and control, it gives a very good grounding in management and operations principals.

Completing this high-level Program is positive indication of your ability to successfully undertake further studies at level-6, level-7 and other graduate levels, in business, economics, organization, project management, engineering and wider management-related studies.

There is a wide range of options for further study - see the "Related Courses" section for suggestions – which include the ‘wider’ syllabus ABA & Baccalaureate Programmes and the 'Double Award' EBA & BBA Bachelor degree Programme, and the 'Double Award' EMBA & MBA degree Programme.  You are welcome to ask the College for advice, and of course you can see details of these Programmes on this website.

Operations & Quality Management
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Duration & Assessments

The standard Study Period is one year (12 months) but the actual time taken to complete the Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma is flexible.


To gain your prestigious high-level Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma you must sit and pass a written Examination/Assessment.  Full and clear details about this are provided to you, including in your Study & Training Guide, after you have enrolled.  The clear information explains when, where and how your Examination/Assessment will be arranged - it is a simple and straightforward process, which hundreds of thousands of other Members have successfully gone through.  If you study well, and follow the advice in the CIC Study & Training Guide, then you should be able to achieve a good result and obtain your respected Graduate Diploma!

**During the "Covid-19" (Corona) virus pandemic, Members may opt to take an Assignment (home-based course work) instead of an Examination to complete the Program.

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A professional, graduate level qualification, ideal for high-level duties in operations management, business, production administration and related career areas