Baccalaureate on

Management & Business Administration (BMBA)

This Programme teaches a wide range of Business, Management and Administration topics as well as about effective Management Communication. The Program design allows you to select 6 'Option' Subjects which are of specific interest to you and beneficial to your own specific career goals.

This Programme is designed to maximise your interest and learning, and to enable you to do so in a way which is convenient, affordable and enjoyable. It is written and produced with a career-oriented focus, enabling you to seek and achieve suitable employment and job roles with confidence, and to proceed to even higher studies if you need or wish to.

Gain valuable and useful knowledge, skills, understanding and graduate with an award you can be proud.  Achieve your business, management and administrative goals through study and an award from an experienced international accredited British College. 


(1) Anybody enrolling for this Programme before 31st December 2024 will also be enrolled FREE for a Course on Strategy, Quality & Contemporary Business Concerns; the only requirement is that you provide your personal email address to the College on enrolment.

(2) If - for reasons such as “Covid-19” (Corona virus) outbreaks and lock-downs, or war, conflict or severe travel restrictions - you cannot sit an Exam, then enrolled Members may be allowed to attempt an Assignment (home-based course work) instead of sitting an Examination.


  • Summary of major topics
  • What is included
  • Related courses
  • Study & Career development

The Programme comprises 8 Subjects (4 per flexible Study Year).

The first flexible Study Year will comprise of

‘Study Year One / Part One’:
1. Business Management & Administration
2. Commercial Practice & Law 

and your choice of 2 options/choices from the list of Subjects below

‘Study Year Two / Part Two’
You choose all 4 Subjects from the list of subjects below

List of Subjects which you can choose from - you need to choose 6 of them in total:

  • Accounting & Finance in Business & Management
  • Administrative, Personal Assistant & Secretarial Duties 
  • Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice 
  • Advertising & Public Relations 
  • Business Bookkeeping & Accounts
  • Business Economics & Commerce
  • Business English & Letter Writing
  • Business Entrepreneurship & Organisation
  • Communication in Business & Management
  • Computers & IT in Business & Management
  • Events Management
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Hotel Operations & Management 
  • Human Resource & Personnel Management 
  • Insurance Principles & Practice
  • International Business & Trade
  • Leadership & Team Management
  • Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management
  • Management & Administration
  • Office Management & Administration
  • Professional English (Everyday & Business Use)
  • Project Leadership & Management
  • Purchasing & Resourcing Management
  • Retail Marketing Management
  • Sales Management & Marketing
  • Stores Management & Stock (Inventory) Control 
  • Tourism & Travel Management

Your CIC Fee includes:-

Your enrolment/registration with Cambridge International College, and your own high-quality, professionally produced and illustrated comprehensive International CIC Core Study Publications for each of the eight (8) Core Subjects of study.

  • CIC’s detailed, professional Study & Training Guides with full instructions on how to study to achieve success and gain top results.
  • An additional specially written Examinations Guide which includes expert advice, detailed guidance and tips on how to prepare for, approach and answer Examinations, is also provided.
  • Self-Assessment Tests with Model Answers, and Training Tests, Questions and Exercises.
  • The Examination** papers set for the Core Subjects; Examinations are written under Invigilation/Supervision in your own area - full details, guidance and explanation of how your Examinations will be arranged and how Invigilation is conducted will be provided when you register. Note, CIC arranges Examinations in over a hundred countries worldwide for thousands of Members every year; it is a flexible, straightforward process and will be arranged when YOU are ready to write your Examinations.**An Assignment Option is available instead of an Exam for the ‘Covid-19’ (Corona) virus period.
  • The prestigious Baccalaureate certification and Transcript on successful completion of the Programme. Note, a First Study Year Transcript is also provided on completion of the First Study Year. 
  • Your personal page on CIC’s Member Services website with access to results, despatch details, advice and guidance, and more:
  • Regular information and news including: Newsletters with details of special offers and new Programs and much more; and Competition Forms; by email and post.
  • Everything needed for your Study & Training success is included in the CIC Fee.


  • Further Study and Training Advice, and Assistance is available before, during and after CIC Study & Training; Members may ask CIC’s team of experienced Consultants for advice on further study and Programmes to improve career prospects and advancement. 
  • CIC’s experienced and helpful staff can assist with numerous special requests, such as reference/recommendation letters and transcripts, and more, by post and email.


Further high-level and specialist Study & Training is available with CIC, including the Executive Business Administration Programme (EBA) and the Double Award EBA & BBA degree Programme - and you will be eligible to study exemptions and reduced Fee - and/or Mastery of Management Graduate Diplomas. Alternative and equivalent studies are also available through other higher institutions of education, universities and others worldwide (see the “Success Stories” section for many examples).

This Programme allows you to select many of the Subjects of special interest and relevance to you personally, and which will drive your career forward - your career development, promotion and advancement - based upon significant knowledge, expertise, confidence, decision-making ability and respected international award achieved.

Management & Business Administration (BAC)
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Payment Options:

British Pounds:
Single payment of £1350
Or 2 monthly payments of £750
Or 8 monthly payments of £220
US Dollars:
Single payment of $2700
Or 2 monthly payments of $1500
Or 8 monthly payments of $440
Single payment of €2100
Or 2 monthly payments of €330
Or 8 monthly payments of €330
Fee payment methods

The Programme duration (Membership Period) is 2 years (24 months) but this is flexible to meet individual needs, circumstances and speed of progress.

An Exam is set for each Subject. Clear information about when and where Exams take place is provided. Comprehensive guidance prepares you for success.


The Programme duration (Membership Period) is 2 years (24 months) but this is flexible to meet individual needs, circumstances and speed of progress.

**An Assignment Option is available instead of an Exam for the ‘Covid-19’ (Corona) virus period.


An award demonstrating high-level competence, knowledge, understanding, problem-solving skills and decision-making ability from an accredited British College.