Below are News & Information items of interest about CIC, Affiliates, Members, Graduates and other matters - AND recent Newsletters which contain a wide range of interesting news, important articles and inspiring success stories, so do please spend a little time reading the CIC Newsletters.

All CIC Members and Graduates, past and present, are welcome to contribute and send us articles, news, stories and photographs for CIC Newsletters, this website, and other CIC publications - by post or email.


(1) Anyone enrolling or re-enrolling for a Program before 30th July 2022 will also be enrolled free for a Course on Leadership & Organisation (so long as an Enrolment Form and personal email address are both provided with the Fee payment);

(2) During the "Covid-19" (Corona) virus pandemic, Members may opt to take an Assignment (home-based course work) instead of an Examination to complete a Program; currently this has been extended to 31st August 2022, at which time the option will be reviewed again.


  • Newsletter 64 (Spring-Summer 2022)

    Newsletter 64 (Spring-Summer 2022)


    CIC's Newsletter No. 64 (Spring/Summer 2022) is now available; read and enjoy the graduation news and success stories about Members worldwide.  Included is information about special fee offers, new Programs, comments, advice and information, many photos of Members and Graduates, a bonus July 2022 to June 2023 calendar, and more.

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  • HELP Dadaab - Sponsorships 2019

    HELP Dadaab Sponsorship


    The registered charity HELP Dadaab, in partnership with the College and various other sponsors, provides vital sponsorship and access to study, training and education Programs. 

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  • 85th Anniversary Game

    Game 84 - "Problems with Emails" - free entry; win a great prize!


    Enter the College's "Problems with Emails" Game (free entry) - and you could win US$500 or free enrolment on to a CIC Diploma Program. At the same time, learn more about the problems of poorly written emails - and how to prepare professional email communications.

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  • Prospectus (softcopy)

    Prospectus (softcopy)


    The Cambridge International College Prospectus (softcopy - to view or print)

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  • Enrolment Forms Booklet

    Enrolment Forms Booklet


    General Enrolment/Registration Forms Booklet (softcopy - to view and to print) including Course/Program titles and levels offered, Terms & Conditions of Enrolment, information on 'How to Pay Fees' and 'What is Included in the Fee for your professional Study & Training Program' from this accredited College.

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  • Fee Payment Methods


    Fee Payment Methods (also included in the Enrolment Forms booklet)

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  • Refunds Policy (1)

    Refunds Policy (1)


    Policy statement relating to refund requests, or course changes.

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  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy


    Privacy Policy relating to personal data and information

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  • Appeals Policy

    Appeals Policy


    Cambridge International College’s aim is to provide a fair method of assessment based on equality of opportunity to all of its Members.

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  • Complaints & Assistance Request Policy

    Complaints and Assistance Request Policy


    The College has a "formal" procedure to resolve any queries from a Member which cannot be quickly and easily resolved through regular communications.

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  • Equal Opportunity Policy, Appeals Procedures, Special Needs

    Equal Opportunities Policy


    Cambridge International College is committed to a policy of equal opportunities.

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  • Academic Misconduct Policy

    Academic Misconduct Policy


    Academic Misconduct Policy relating to malpractice/misconduct in examinations, assignment and project or other test work.

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  • HELP Dadaab - Charity & Sponsorships

    HELP Dadaab - Charity & Sponsorships


    Personnel of the registered Charity HELP Dadaab will be in Dadaab from late August until early October 2021 delivering study materials to newly sponsitred students, conducting Exams, and presenting Diplomas to those who previously graduated.

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  • CIC Posters

    CIC Poster A


    You are welcome to print a CIC poster to place on a noticeboard or suitable place; or to email them to friends, colleagues or people who would benefit from up-skilling their knowledge, abilities and awards with professional study & training from CIC.

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  • CIC Poster B

    CIC Poster B


    You are welcome to print a CIC poster to place on a noticeboard or suitable place; or to email them to friends, colleagues or people who would benefit from up-skilling their knowledge, abilities and awards with professional study & training from CIC.

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  • Summer 2021 Newsletter

    Summer 2021 Newsletter


    CIC's 2021 Summer Newsletter is now available; we hope you enjoy the news, updates, success stories, articles, information about graduations and Member successes, new competition - and more.

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  • Rwanda High Commissioner - June 2021


    Rwanda's High Commissioner visits Jersey, the administrative home of Cambridge International College

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  • Summit Recruitment and Search - Recruitment in Africa

    Summit Recruitment and Search - Recruitment in Africa


    High-quality Recruitment and Job Searches across Africa

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  • Affiliation, Association, Authorised Introducer - Initial Application Form


    If your institution is interested in becoming an Affiliate or Associate of CIC, or if you are interested in becoming an an Authorised Introducer, you should complete this Form and return it to Cambridge International College (by email or by post) along with the information requested and any relevant information and documentation.

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  • Covid-19 Update: CIC is still functioning as normal

    Open as Usual - Assignment Option - Free Course Offer


    The Covid-19 “Corona” virus is affecting many people worldwide so we have prepared some ‘Questions & Answers’ about Studying and Enrolling with the College, PLUS details about a FREE Program when you enrol with CIC between 1st January and 30th July 2021, PLUS an Assignment Option to take an "open-book" Assignment instead of an Invigilated Exam.

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