ABA: Advanced Business Administration on

Education & School Leadership

This Specialisation is designed and is offered to teach improve and develop management, leadership and administration skills, with a focus on education, teaching and school leadership.

The first year:

This focuses on management, administration, and the management of training and development - and includes planning, controlling and providing leadership for the efficient operations and activities of private and public organisations and institutions. The wide-ranging knowledge, understanding and managerial expertise imparted is hugely beneficial for men and women in all types of employment.

The second year:

This focuses on management, administration and leadership for schools, education, teaching and for educational establishments. The subjects taught are designed to be beneficial and applicable to a wide range of men and women including:

  • those who aspire to become not only successful teachers, but also successful school and educational leaders; 
  • new and experienced teachers and/or educational leaders and/or classroom managers; 
  • teachers aiming to become middle leaders in schools;
  • teachers and school educators responsible for one or more school subjects, a section or department, or various school administrative duties, who want to improve their performance and effectiveness; 
  • school leaders, head teachers and principals who want to successfully manage and improve schools; and
  • educators and school leaders who want to maximise student learning and overall academic success.

Implementing and Improving whilst Learning:

The great majority of what is taught can be implemented quickly to improve management, leadership and administration, the learning environment, teaching, standards, training, educational environments and results.


(1) Anybody enrolling for this Programme before 31st December 2024 will also be enrolled FREE for a Course on Strategy, Quality & Contemporary Business Concerns; the only requirement is that you provide your personal email address to the College on enrolment.

(2) During the "Covid-19" (Corona) virus pandemic, Members may opt to take an Assignment (home-based course work) instead of an Examination to complete the Program.

  • Summary of major topics
  • What is included
  • Related courses
  • Study & Career development

The First Study Year or ‘Study Year One’ comprises these 4 Subjects/Courses

1. Management & Administration
2. Health & Safety Management
3. Management of Training & Development
4. Advanced Management & Administration

The Second Study Year or ‘Study Year Two’ comprises these 4 Subjects/Courses

5. Education: Classroom Management & Psychology for Teachers
6. Middle Leadership and Guidance in Schools
7. School Improvement and the Educational Leader
8. School Leadership and Educational Success

Your CIC Fee includes all of this:-

  • Your enrolment/registration with Cambridge International College
  • High-quality, professionally-produced Study Materials for each Subject/Course.
  • A detailed, professional Study & Training Guide. 
  • Examinations guidance with advice and tips on how to succeed well in Exams.
  • A variety of Self-Assessment Tests with Model Answers, and Training Tests, Questions and Exercises, and Past Papers/Questions.
  • The Examinations set on the Subjects/Courses (there is no extra Fee just to sit Exams).
  • Full details, guidance and explanation of how your Exams will be arranged.
  • The Advanced Diploma and a detailed Transcript on successful completion.
  • A personal page on CIC’s Member Services website.
  • Regular information and news including Newsletters, Competitions and details of special offers.
  • Study advice, support and assistance before, during and after your study.

Summary: Everything needed for your Study & Training success is included in the CIC Fee, and more is offered as well.

This Advanced Diploma Programme is beneficial and helpful to anyone who wants a career in - or to climb the ladder and advance in - management, administration, HR and development.  It is also beneficial and helpful to anyone who wants a career in teaching, training, education and school leadership - or who already has a similar or related job and aspires to furthering their career and improving their knowledge and understanding to achieve greater results.

Education & School Leadership
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Payment Options:

British Pounds:
Single payment of £1350
Or 2 monthly payments of £750
Or 8 monthly payments of £220
US Dollars:
Single payment of $2700
Or 2 monthly payments of $1500
Or 8 monthly payments of $440
Single payment of €2100
Or 2 monthly payments of €1125
Or 8 monthly payments of €330
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Duration & Assessments

The standard Study Period is two years (24 months) but this is flexible; the course can be completed in a shorter period, or longer if necessary.


Written Examinations/Assessments are set for each of the 8 Subjects/Courses - these are based ONLY on the contents of the Study Materials provided as part of the Fee.  Exam Questions will require essay/written answers and might also include some objective test or multi-choice questions.  All information about preparing for, arranging, and sitting Exams is provided on enrolment, and advice is always available at any time if needed.


A valuable qualification; high-level learning and understanding; professional management, teaching and school leadership knowledge; confidence and respect.