ABA: Advanced Business Administration on

Education & School Leadership

This Specialisation is designed and is offered to teach improve and develop management, leadership and administration skills, with a focus on education, teaching and school leadership.

The first year:

This focuses on management, administration, and the management of training and development - and includes planning, controlling and providing leadership for the efficient operations and activities of private and public organisations and institutions. The wide-ranging knowledge, understanding and managerial expertise imparted is hugely beneficial for men and women in all types of employment.

The second year:

This focuses on management, administration and leadership for schools, education, teaching and for educational establishments. The subjects taught are designed to be beneficial and applicable to a wide range of men and women including:

  • those who aspire to become not only successful teachers, but also successful school and educational leaders; 
  • new and experienced teachers and/or educational leaders and/or classroom managers; 
  • teachers aiming to become middle leaders in schools;
  • teachers and school educators responsible for one or more school subjects, a section or department, or various school administrative duties, who want to improve their performance and effectiveness; 
  • school leaders, head teachers and principals who want to successfully manage and improve schools; and
  • educators and school leaders who want to maximise student learning and overall academic success.

Implementing and Improving whilst Learning:

The great majority of what is taught can be implemented quickly to improve management, leadership and administration, the learning environment, teaching, standards, training, educational environments and results.

  • Summary of major topics
  • What is included
  • Related courses
  • Study & Career development

The First Study Year or ‘Study Year One’ comprises these 4 Subjects/Courses

1. Management & Administration
2. Health & Safety Management
3. Management of Training & Development
4. Advanced Management & Administration

The Second Study Year or ‘Study Year Two’ comprises these 4 Subjects/Courses

5. Education: Classroom Management & Psychology for Teachers
6. Middle Leadership and Guidance in Schools
7. School Improvement and the Educational Leader
8. School Leadership and Educational Success

Your CIC Fee includes all of this:-

  • Your enrolment/registration with Cambridge International College
  • High-quality, professionally-produced Study Materials for each Subject/Course.
  • A detailed, professional Study & Training Guide. 
  • Examinations guidance with advice and tips on how to succeed well in Exams.
  • A variety of Self-Assessment Tests with Model Answers, and Training Tests, Questions and Exercises, and Past Papers/Questions.
  • The Examinations set on the Subjects/Courses (there is no extra Fee just to sit Exams).
  • Full details, guidance and explanation of how your Exams will be arranged.
  • The Advanced Diploma and a detailed Transcript on successful completion.
  • A personal page on CIC’s Member Services website.
  • Regular information and news including Newsletters, Competitions and details of special offers.
  • Study advice, support and assistance before, during and after your study.

Summary: Everything needed for your Study & Training success is included in the CIC Fee, and more is offered as well.

This Advanced Diploma Programme is beneficial and helpful to anyone who wants a career in - or to climb the ladder and advance in - management, administration, HR and development.  It is also beneficial and helpful to anyone who wants a career in teaching, training, education and school leadership - or who already has a similar or related job and aspires to furthering their career and improving their knowledge and understanding to achieve greater results.

Education & School Leadership
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Payment Options:

British Pounds:
Single payment of £1350
Or 2 monthly payments of £750
Or 8 monthly payments of £220
US Dollars:
Single payment of $2700
Or 2 monthly payments of $1500
Or 8 monthly payments of $440
Single payment of €2100
Or 2 monthly payments of €1125
Or 8 monthly payments of €330
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Duration & Assessments

The standard Study Period is two years (24 months) but this is flexible; the course can be completed in a shorter period, or longer if necessary.


Written Examinations/Assessments are set for each of the 8 Subjects/Courses - these are based ONLY on the contents of the Study Materials provided as part of the Fee.  Exam Questions will require essay/written answers and might also include some objective test or multi-choice questions.  All information about preparing for, arranging, and sitting Exams is provided on enrolment, and advice is always available at any time if needed.


A valuable qualification; high-level learning and understanding; professional management, teaching and school leadership knowledge; confidence and respect.