Honours (Higher) Diploma on

Construction & Project Management

This unique Programme carefully and thoroughly covers the essentials of both Construction Management and Project Leadership, providing the key knowledge and ability to achieve a successful career in this vital area of employment and business.


(1) Anybody enrolling for this Programme before 31st December 2024 will also be enrolled FREE for a Course on Strategy, Quality & Contemporary Business Concerns; the only requirement is that you provide your personal email address to the College on enrolment.

(2) During the “Covid-19” (Corona) virus pandemic and in lock-down periods, affected Members may be allowed to take Assignments (home-based course work) instead of or in addition to sitting Examinations to complete the Programme; details can be provided on request after enrolment onto the Programme.

  • Summary of major topics
  • What is included
  • Related courses
  • Study & Career development

The Programme comprises four key ‘courses’ as follows:-

  1. Project Leadership & Management
  2. Construction Management: the Industry, Managers, Control
  3. Advanced Management & Administration
  4. Your choice of:

- Logistics, Materials, Supply Chain & Transport Management


- Purchasing & Resourcing Management


For more detailed contents information, see below:

Project Leadership & Management

  1. Principles of Project Leadership & Management, Project Features, Stakeholders
  2. Project Personnel: Leader, Sponsor, Board, Coordinator, Analyst, Teamwork
  3. Project Planning, Life-Cycle, Documentation, Schedule, Scope, HR, WBS
  4. Project Cost Estimating, Budgeting, Quality Control, Risk Analysis, KPIs
  5. Project Schedule, Timing, Sequencing, Critical Paths, Milestones, PERT, Gantt
  6. Procurement Planning And Specifications, Suppliers, Research, Contracts
  7. Project Communication Management, Feedback, Channels, Matrix, Reports
  8. Project Implementation, Responsibility, Variances, Changes, Change Control
  9. Project Monitoring and Control, CSFs, Performance Indicators, Earned Value
  10. Project Closure, Reports, Checklists, Acceptance Management, Project Review
  11. Project Logistics, Transport, Sites, Development Projects, Humanitarian Missions
  12. Project Concepts, Feasibility, Outsourcing Projects, Establishing a Project Business

Construction Management

  1. The Construction Industry and Construction Projects
  2. Construction People and Bodies
  3. Construction Management Theory, Functions, Principles and Practice
  4. Production Planning & Construction Control
  5. Site Management
  6. Time Management and Construction Programmes
  7. Cost Management and Contractor Management
  8. Construction Quality Management
  9. Health & Safety Management in Construction
  10. Environmental Management
  11. Contemporary Construction Management
  12. Lean Construction and Building Information Modelling

Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice

  1. The Evolution of Management Theory, Fayol, Weber, Taylor, Mayo, Scientific Management
  2. Organizations, Ownership, Enterprise, Business Environment, Systems Theory, Standards, Quality
  3. Structures of Organizations, Structure and Control, Responsibility, Centralisation, Decentralisation
  4. Motivational Theories, Argyis, Maslow, McGregor; Likert, Herzberg, Vroom, Handy, Psychology
  5. Leadership Theory, Leadership Types, Trait, Style, Managerial Grids, Groups, Teams, Contingency
  6. Strategic Management, Fayol, Chandler, Andrews, Ansoff, BCG Matrix, Porter, SWOT, Policy
  7. Business Environment, PEST, Competition, Industry Rivalry, Barriers to Entry, Customer-focus
  8. Managing Change, Culture, Learning Organisations, Entrepreneurship, Cost-Benefit Analysis
  9. Mission, Vision, Values, MBWA, MOST, Standards and Behaviour, People Orientation, Development
  10. Stakeholders, Governments, Shareholder Value, Ethics, Corporate & Social Responsibility
  11. Communication Theory, Communication Loop, Attitudes, Models, Theories, Game Theory

Business Ethics Approaches, Law, Compliance, Codes of Conduct, Ethical Investment

And one of:**

Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management

  • Background to Logistics and Supply Chains; Value and Value Chains
  • Strategy Formulation - Logistics, Customer Service, Supply Chain
  • Relationship Between Marketing and Logistics
  • Products, Product Characteristics, Pricing
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Receipt and Storage of Stock/Inventory
  • Stock/Inventory Control, Order Processing and Issuing
  • Transportation
  • Operations Management & Production Strategy
  • Lean Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Facility Location, Outsourcing Logistics, Reverse Logistics
  • Project Management, Disaster Management, Humanitarian Aid & Relief

Purchasing & Resourcing Management

  1. Introduction to Purchasing & Resourcing Management
  2. Purchasing Objectives and Strategy
  3. Policy Formulation, Implementation & Control
  4. Organization, Responsibilities & Job Structures
  5. Control Systems, Procedures and Records
  6. Information Technology in Purchasing and Supply
  7. Human Resources in the Supply Chain
  8. Management Style, Motivation and Control
  9. Sourcing Processes and Supplier Relationships
  10. Quality Management in the Purchasing Function
  11. Negotiating and Bargaining in the Supply Chain
  12. Further Purchasing Techniques and Practices

** both Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management, and Purchasing & Resourcing Management, may be included and studied if requested - simply add an additional GB£200 to the Fee.


 Your CIC Fee includes:-

  • Your enrolment/registration with Cambridge International College, and your own high-quality, professionally produced and illustrated comprehensive International CIC Core Study Publications for each of the four (4) ‘courses’ of study.
  • CIC’s detailed, professional ‘Study & Training Guide’ with full instructions on how to study to achieve success and gain top results.  The Guide includes detailed advice on how to answer Tests and Examinations.
  • Training Tests, Questions and Exercises (which can be used as ‘Past Papers/Questions’), and Recommended Answers for most of them.
  • An Examination set for each of the 4 core courses; each Examination is sat under Invigilation/Supervision in your own area - full details, guidance and explanation of how your Examinations will be arranged and how Invigilation is conducted will be provided when you register.  Note, CIC arranges Examinations in over a hundred countries worldwide for thousands of Members every year; it is a flexible, straightforward process and will be arranged when YOU are ready to write your Examination.
  • A prestigious Cambridge International College Diploma on successful completion of Study & Training and on passing the Examination for EACH of the 4 core courses, PLUS the International Honours Group Diploma when all 4 courses have been completed - this is a total of 4 awards - 4 individual Diplomas plus the Honours Diploma.
  • Your personal page on CIC’s Member Services website with access to results, despatch details, advice and guidance, and more: www.cambridgeinternationalcollege.co.uk
  • Regular information and news including: Newsletters with details of special offers and new Programs and much more; and Competition Forms; by email and post.
  • Everything needed for your Study & Training success is included in the CIC Fee.


  • Further Study and Training Advice, and Assistance is available before, during and after CIC Study & Training; Members may ask CIC’s team of experienced Consultants for advice on further study and Programmes to improve career prospects and advancement.
  • CIC’s experienced and helpful staff can assist with numerous special requests, such as reference/recommendation letters and transcripts, and more, by post and email.

The Programme provides access to higher studies in almost any field, and of course in management, administration, business, construction and project management, including to CIC’s Baccalaureate and Executive Business Administration programmes, and to graduate degree level studies, and other studies with CIC and other institutions worldwide.

The Programme provides a pathway to career success and development in construction and project management with a focus on the planning, management, leadership and business aspects.

Construction & Project Management (Honours)
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Four (4) Diplomas AND the Honours Diploma, certifying you have high levels of knowledge and capability in construction and project management & administration