BBA & MBA Degree Programmes

Double Award Programmes: This unique ‘British-American’ educational opportunity enables you to study a professional Executive BBA or MBA level programme and achieve two international awards from two internationally accredited institutions: from Cambridge International College of Britain, and from the University of America of the USA.

Programmes offered: Three Double-Award Programmes are offered:
(i) the EBA and BBA degree Programme;
(ii) the EMBA and MBA degree Programme;
(iii) the EDBA and Doctorate degree Programme.

Institutions and Accreditation: Cambridge International College is an accredited British College and holds University College status; the University of America is an accredited American University with governmental authority to award degrees.

Awards on Graduation: On completion of a Double Award Programme you receive two awards - one from each accredited institution - as appropriate to the Programme completed: an EBA, EMBA or EDBA award from Cambridge International College, and a BBA, MBA or Doctorate (DBA or PhD) degree from the University of America.

Benefits: As well as studying a professional, executive programme and gaining tremendous knowledge, the Double Award will greatly boost your recognition, respect, qualifications, career success, and opportunity for high-level employment and position, and help to make your CV stand out from those around you.

Development: The holder of a CIC EBA, or the Double Award of a CIC EBA and UA BBA Bachelor degree is automatically qualified to progress to the EMBA and MBA degree Programme.  The holder of a CIC EMBA (or AMBA/AMBMA/MBA), or the Double Award of a CIC EMBA and UA MBA Master degree, is automatically qualified to progress to the Doctorate degree Programme.

Study: See the separate EBA, EMBA and Doctorate sections for details of the Programmes, what each comprises and what study and work is required.  Additional but related specialisations may also be available on your request to the College.

BBA & MBA Degree Programmes