Quality Mark status


Cambridge International College has received the BILD Quality Mark, which affirms its provision of is delivering high quality learning and development.

CIC’s ‘Quality Mark’ status is your guarantee of confidence in the quality, credibility, good practice and standards of professionalism of learning provided by Cambridge International College.

The Quality Mark is recognised as a key Learning and Development industry award and challenges learning providers to achieve training quality standards. The BILD Quality Mark is awarded by The British Institute for Learning and Development to institutions which have been able to demonstrate that they are able to meet 12 key criteria after an assessment has been conducted.  The 12 key criteria are outlined below:

  1. The implementation of clear and defined processes for scoping, training needs analysis, design, delivery, deployment, assessment and training evaluation to ensure they meet Learner needs.
  2. The use of appropriate training evaluation methods to ensure client’s and learner outcomes are met.
  3. A culture of continuous improvement in the quality of training, which helps making learning an enjoyable activity, and which increases learner retention and the achievement of individual learning goals.
  4. The development and son-going provision of a range of accredited and non-accredited programmes which provide opportunities for progression and which provide learners with experiences and, wherever appropriate, qualifications suited to their learning aims.
  5. Consideration of the business impact of training delivered with an aim to deliver a ‘return on investment’ as a result of investing in a training programme, that the benefits of the training match the costs and ‘pays for itself’ in good time.
  6. Ensuring rigorous and consistent assessment procedures which meet the standards of external awarding bodies and validating agencies.
  7. Ensuring that the College has the required number of staff with MBILD status.
  8. Assurance that all delivers and designers of training are assessed at least one a year to ensure that all ‘trainers’ (Teachers, Facilitators, Mentors, Assessors) are meeting current protocols and quality standards for design and delivery.
  9. Regular review of the performance, training and developmental needs of all trainers’ (Teachers, Facilitators, Mentors, Coaches, Assessors) and personal development action plans.
  10. Ensuring that all trainers (Teachers, Facilitators, Mentors, Coaches, Assessors) are encouraged to maintain a Personal Portfolio of Continuous Professional Development to maintain and develop personal skills, knowledge and experience.
  11. Ensuring that all developmental feedback on training (provision, materials, delivery format, delivery medium) is reviewed by the Director of Study & Training and College Board and that appropriate action is taken.
  12. Ensuring that any complaints received about training are reviewed by the Director of Study & Training and that appropriate action is taken as necessary.

CIC’s Membership of the British Institute for Learning and Development, and its Quality Mark status, is an assurance of CIC’s quality and good practice and standards of professionalism.

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