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Cambridge International College
International Headquarters: 
Attique House, St Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8FP, Britain

Tel: +44 (0) 1534 485485 or 485052 
Fax: +44 (0) 1534 485071

You are welcome to contact us - by email, post or telephone, or by completing and submitting the Enquiry Form - for any extra advice or information you need (do first check the ‘Answers’ to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below), or to request a Prospectus or other literature from us.

Frequently asked questions
  • How can I make a Fee payment to CIC?
  • How long will my Course take?
  • When and where do I sit my Examination(s)?
  • Can I re-sit my Examination(s) if I want to?
  • Can I Study or sit my Examination(s) in a different language?
  • How soon will I receive my Examination Result(s) and CIC Award(s)?
  • Will you be able to provide a Reference or Recommendation letter?
  • Do you offer any other Courses not shown on the CIC website or Prospectus?
  • Can I come to study at the College in Jersey, Britain?
  • Does the College hold Graduation Ceremonies?

There are many ways which you (or one of your family members or friends, an employer or sponsor or other person in your country or from a different country) may pay your Fee to CIC. 

Information on fee payment methods is given on the Enrolment Form for each course on this website (click on “Add to Basket” for any course on this website), and summarised information is also given below about Fee payment methods:


Payment should be sent to:

Account Name: Services to Management (for Cambridge International College)

Bank: HSBC Bank plc

Bank address: Jersey St Helier Branch, Britain

for bank transfers in British Pounds (£) send to

Account Number: 32144670

Sort Code: 402534


IBAN: GB35 MIDL 4025 3432 1446 70

for bank transfers in US Dollars (US$) send to

Account Number: 68294583

Sort Code: 400515

Swift/BIC Code: MIDLGB22

IBAN: GB59 MIDL 4005 1568 2945 83

for bank transfers in Euros (€) send to:  

Account Number: 68343364

Sort Code: 400515

Swift/BIC Code: MIDLGB22

IBAN: GB38 MIDL 4005 1568 3433 64

You should also scan and email, post or fax the bank receipt to the College in Britain.  We can “credit” you only with the sum actually received, so ensure you pay all bank transfer charges and add £20 or US$40 or €30 to the Fee amount to cover the bank charges of intermediary banks.


If you have a bank account which offers “on-line banking”, you can make a transfer to one of the College’s bank accounts - the details are stated above in the “By Bank Transfer” section.  For either Bank Transfer or On-line banking, post or email your Enrolment Form to the College in Britain with the bank receipt. Ensure you pay all bank transfer charges and add £20 or US$40 or €30 to cover intermediary bank transfer deductions; CIC can only credit you with the amount CIC actually receives.


There are 3 methods of sending your Fee by Western Union.  Note, you can pay your Western Union Agent in British Pounds (£), US Dollars (US$), Euros (€) or your local currency, and CIC will be able to receive your payment in British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros. 

  • WESTERN UNION ‘Quick Pay’ service:

Your “Quick Pay” payment should be sent to:

Account Name: Services to Management

Code City: SMCOLLEGE,UK     

Account No: AUK040697

You should also scan and email, post or fax the Western Union Quick Pay receipt to the College in Britain, stating clearly the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number.

  • WESTERN UNION ‘Will Call’ service:

If you wish to send a payment by WESTERN UNION ‘Will Call’ service you must first contact the College

Western Union rules and regulations on sending "Will Call" payments have changed (May 2016). 


Wherever possible, please use the Western Union Quick Pay system.

  • WESTERN UNION ‘Global Pay for Students’ service:

The Western Union ‘Global Pay for Students’ service allows you to pay your fees in your local currency (or British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros) quickly and conveniently, without delays, deductions, or changes to your exchange rate - a foreign currency quote is available through CIC’s “Global Pay” link at any time. There are no additional transaction charges because Western Union “Global Pay” will process your payment and ensure that it will quickly be received by CIC with your reference information attached.  Western Union “Global Pay” will secure an exchange rate for 72 hours, giving you certainty and security when it comes to the cost of your transaction.  Click here:  CIC’s “Global Pay”  to see the Western Union ‘Global Pay for Students’ service.


A bank draft or IMO must be made payable to Cambridge International College.  Bank drafts and IMOs can usually be purchased from a bank in British Pounds or US Dollars or Euros.  A bank draft or IMO in British Pounds or in Euros must be drawn on a bank in London (England).  A bank draft or IMO in US Dollars must be drawn on a bank in New York (USA).   A bank draft or IMO in US Dollars must have a minimum value of US$200; a bank draft or IMO in Euros must have a minimum value of 200 Euros - US Dollar and Euro bank drafts/IMOs cannot be accepted if their value is below 200. If you “order” a bank draft or IMO from a bank you must ensure you collect it from the bank and send it to the College yourself. 


You can pay your Fee via PayPal by one of two methods:

(i) through the College website; click the “Add to Basket” button on the webpage of the chosen course(s) and follow the instructions.

(ii) PayPal also allows you to send your fee using your debit or credit card, bank payment or PayPal account, by sending the payment to:


If you wish to send a payment by MoneyGram you can pay your MoneyGram Agent in British Pounds (£), US Dollars (US$), Euros (€) or your local currency, and CIC will be able to receive your payment in British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros. 

However, to send a payment by MoneyGram transfer you MUST first contact the College for the College to tell you the name of the person to whom you should address the MoneyGram payment.  DO NOT SEND A MONEYGRAM PAYMENT WITHOUT FIRST BEING GIVEN PERMISSION BY THE COLLEGE AND BEING TOLD THE NAME OF THE PERSON TO WHOM YOU CAN ADDRESS THE PAYMENT.  

After you have been authorised by the College to send a payment by MoneyGram to a specified “receiver”, and after you have then made the MoneyGram transfer, you will need to scan and email, or post or fax the MoneyGram receipt to the College in Britain, stating clearly the 8-digit MoneyGram Transfer Number and stating clearly the “sender name” exactly as it is stated on the receipt.

(If possible, try to send your payment by Western Union Quick Pay instead of by MoneyGram.)


Your “Dahabshiil” money transfer payment should be sent with these details:


Destination: Britain

Contact details/telephone: 01534 485485

If there is any other section on the Dahabshiil transfer form write: “Cambridge International College”.

You should also scan and email, post or fax the Dahabshiil receipt to the College in Britain, stating clearly the Money Transfer Control Number and the “sender name” exactly as it is stated on the receipt.

For details about sending Fee payments through Dahabshiil Money Transfer you can visit their website at:


There are two ways to make your Fee payment using your credit or debit card:

  • Credit/Debit Card through the College website: This is the recommended method of paying fee by credit or debit card.  You will need to click on the “Add to Basket” button on the “Sign Up To This Course” page of the course to be enrolled for, then follow the instructions given.  Your payment will be processed through PayPal, a secure international credit/debit card payment system, and you will be quickly sent an email by both PayPal and by CIC to confirm when a payment is charged to your card.


  • Credit/Debit Card via email or post: Only use this method if you cannot enrol through the CIC website.  With this method you may make a payment by American Express, Mastercard or Visa.  A Fee payment will be accepted ONLY for the Study & Training (enrolment) of the person named on the credit/debit card (the credit/debit card owner).  The cardholder must send CIC a signed letter stating the card number and expiry date, and stating his/her name and contact address, and authorising a stated sum of money to be paid.  A clear photocopy of the front and reverse of the signed credit/debit card itself must be sent with the letter.  The credit/debit card MUST be signed on the strip on the back of the card.  Fee payments will be charged in British Pounds.


CIC can accept currency notes in United States Dollars (US$), British Pounds (£) and Euros (€). 


British Postal Orders (BPOs) may be purchased from British Post Offices and sent to the College Headquarters at Heron House, Jersey, Britain 


Send them your completed Enrolment Form to forward to the College in Jersey, Britain, with the Fee for your Study & Training.

The Study or Membership Period, calculated from your Enrolment date, is:

  • 12 months if studying one Diploma Program only
  • 15 months if studying two Diploma Programs at the same time
  • 18 months if studying three Diploma Programs at the same time
  • 21 months if studying an Honours Diploma
  • 24 months if studying a Baccalaureate Programme
  • 24 months if studying an Advanced Business Administration (ABA) Programme
  • 36 months if studying an Executive Business Administration (EBA) Programme
  • 12 months if studying one Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma
  • 36 months if studying the AMBMA Programme

Some Members complete their Study & Training more quickly - the Study Period is FLEXIBLE.  And if Members for personal or other reasons need more time, then arrangements can be made to extend their Study Period for up to 3 more years.

Clear and straightforward instructions about sitting your Examination(s) are provided to you when you enrol.  Arrangements about who will supervise your Examination(s) and where you will sit your Examination(s) are made only after you have enrolled and after you have made progress in your studies. 

You can sit your Examination(s) in your local area - you do not need to travel far from where you live and you do not need to come to Britain.  In most countries CIC does not have fixed Examination dates, so you can sit your Examination(s) on any day or date to suit your convenience and that of your appointed Invigilator/Supervisor. 

The Examination is included in the Study & Training Fee so you do NOT have to pay any additional Examination fee.  

As part of your Fees you are provided with a professionally produced and comprehensive Study & Training Guide and professional advice on sitting Examinations; additionally, self-assessment tests, model answers, past papers, training tests and additional Examination Guidance may also be available - so you should be successful and you should be able to gain high marks in your Examination(s). 

But, if you do not achieve a good grade, or if you want to re-sit to try to gain higher marks and grades, then you may do so, and at the appropriate time the CIC Examinations Department will explain how that can be arranged for you.

Your Fees include professionally designed, written and produced Study Materials in English language only, prepared by experts to ensure your good progress, so long as you have at last some English ability.  Additional study and training courses in English to help you improve your English may be provided as well if required. 

However, arrangements can be made for you to write your Examination(s) in other languages - such as in Arabic or in Portuguese (there may be an additional charge for this); and in some countries the College may be able to put you in contact with an Affiliate who can assist you in your own or another language.

Results are usually available within a few days of your Examination Paper(s) arriving at the College Headquarters in Britain.  You will also be able to check your Examination Result(s) on your personal pages of the special CIC Member website:  Your personal pages also provide details of when and how your results or awards have been sent to you. 

Yes, either during your Membership (Study Period) or after you have completed your Study & Training with CIC, we will be able to provide a Reference or Recommendation letter; these can be used for many purposes, if needed, including for access to further studies with other institutions, for immigration purposes, for work purposes including promotions and advancements, and many other purposes.

Details and syllabuses of the Courses which CIC currently conducts, from Diploma Programs through to AMBMA, are listed in the current Prospectus and College website. 

CIC can also by special arrangement offer additional specialisations for Honours Diplomas, Baccalaureate, ABA, EBA and AMBMA programmes - you will need to contact CIC about your particular request and requirements. 

Additionally, CIC does cooperate with various Affiliates to offer other courses. 

Details of new courses which have been or are soon to be introduced are published in the College Newsletters which are available in printed format and on this website.  

As a CIC Member you study in your own country (although if you move to another country that makes no difference to your registration, as you can study with CIC from anywhere in the world) - you do not come to the College’s premises in Britain.  You learn through professional, flexible and open distance-learning methods - as many hundreds of thousands of other CIC Members have done.  However, after you have actually enrolled with CIC we may be able to put you in contact with a CIC Affiliate organisation which can provide lecture/teacher/tutorial assistance if you need it, and if that is available in your country/region. 

We cannot assist non-CIC Members to obtain visas to enter Britain, but support letters and Verification of Membership letters can be provided for current CIC Members and Graduates on request.

On completion of your course(s) you will automatically be forwarded your award(s) and certification(s), and at that point - you will have officially graduated.

However, the College does conduct regular Graduation Ceremonies at different locations around the world, and many of those are featured in CIC’s regular quarterly Newsletters.  It is not compulsory or necessary to attend a Graduation Ceremony, but Members in a certain region will usually be informed of a Graduation Ceremony which takes place in their country or region. 

Additionally, if you would like to be informed of when and where the next Graduation is going to take place, you should contact the College asking to be provided with details at the appropriate time.