Al-ETIHAD International Institute - Oman


Al-ETIHAD International Institute is an Affiliate of Cambridge International College in Oman.  Applicants, potential Members/students and current CIC Members and Graduates in Oman and nearby regions are welcome to contact Al-ETIHAD International Institute (EII) for assistance, information and advice on enrolling with Cambridge International College.

Al-ETIHAD International Institute can provide advice and many helpful services including:

  • helping applicants register with CIC, prepare registration documents and fees, and deliver payments, forms and other items to CIC’s headquarters in Britain;
  • receiving CIC Study Materials and distributing them to enrolled CIC Members;
  • providing study assistance and lecturer support for enrolled CIC Members;
  • conducting Examination Supervision/Invigilation;
  • delivering CIC Transcripts and Awards and Results to successful CIC Members and Graduates.
  • providing additional courses and seminars which are approved and certificated by Cambridge International College, including:-

- Diploma in Preparing Kindergarten Teachers

The contact details for Al-ETIHAD International Institute are:

Mohd Abdo
Al-ETIHAD International Institute
P O Box 244
PC 620, Sumail
Sultanate of Oman

tel: 00 968 97546146 and 00 968 25351734

We look forward to enrolling you or re-enrolling you with CIC, and to your career success.

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