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Cambridge International College has been providing professional, high-quality distance-learning to men and women in Nigeria for over 50 years - and helping them to gain expert skills, knowledge and the competence needed for career progression and advancement.

Applicants, potential Members/students and current CIC Members and Graduates in Nigeria are welcome to contact ‘Spark for Training & Development’ for assistance, information, hosting exams and advice on enrolling with Cambridge International College. 

Spark for Training & Development is the regional Affiliate for Cambridge International College and can:

  • help CIC applicants prepare registration documents and fees, and despatch them to CIC;
  • provide study assistance and organise study plans for CIC Members;
  • assist in Examination arrangements and Invigilation;
  • arrange additional study sessions in Egypt if desired;
  • deliver CIC Transcripts and Awards to successful CIC Members and Graduates;
  • assist, if requested, in providing additional attestation and stamping services;
  • invite CIC Members to attend an annual Graduation Ceremony.

Spark for Training & Development is a highly professional and experienced institution, providing a high level of service and care, and has been Cambridge International College’s Regional Affiliate in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Nigeria since 2003.

Contact details for CIC’s Affiliate for Spark for Training for Development:

Dr Albeltagi


telephone: +202 333 81081

cellphone: +201141111304

Pictured are some of the many Nigerian Graduates at the 2015 Graduation held at the regional Graduation Ceremony in Egypt.

We look forward to enrolling you or re-enrolling you with CIC, and to your career success.

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