Hypnosis Institute - Hong Kong

Hypnosis Institute - Hong Kong

Cambridge International College has been providing professional, high-quality distance-learning to men and women worldwide - including to Hong Kong - for several generations, and helping them to gain expert skills, knowledge and competence needed for career progression and advancement.

Hypnosis Institute of Hong Kong (under the coordination of Dr. Kenneth Chionh of the Institute for Professional Development) has been appointed an Affiliate of Cambridge International College in Hong Kong.  Applicants in Hong Kong wishing to study with CIC, as well as past, current and future CIC Members and Graduates in may contact Hypnosis Institute for:

  • help, assistance and advice on enrolling onto CIC courses;
  • preparing registration documents and the payment of course fees to CIC in Britain;
  • assistance in preparing for and sitting CIC Examinations/assessments;
  • undertaking approved Hypnosis Institute courses (see below*);
  • assistance in receiving Diplomas and Awards, Transcripts, Recommendation Letters, etc.

(Information about all matters listed above are also available directly from Cambridge International College’s Headquarters in Britain by email, post and telephone - and on this website.)

*In addition to all of the courses shown on the CIC website, a number of additional courses are also available through Hypnosis Institute.

Contact details for Hypnosis Institute are:

Mr Charles Leung
Hypnosis Institute
G1, 35F, Legend Tower
7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong,
Hong Kong

email:  and

We look forward to enrolling you or re-enrolling you with CIC, and to your career success.

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