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Cambridge International College has been providing professional study, training and education to men and women worldwide, including to Ghana, for over 50 years.

Men and women from Ghana, and men and women of other nationalities who are living or working or studying in Ghana, are able to study with CIC by distance-learning, OR through on-campus study at Hebron Business Institute. 

Hebron Business Institute can assist current Members and potential and interested applicants in a number of ways including:-

  • assisting and advising with enrolment procedures and transferring fees to CIC
  • providing advice and guidance on how best to study to achieve success
  • providing teaching and tuition 
  • providing advice and guidance on sitting examinations and undertaking assessments
  • arranging graduations
  • and more .....

You may contact Hebron Business Institute for advice and assistance at:

physical address:

  • Community 12 Apple Lane, Near Adonai Church, Tema

postal address:

  • P.O.Box CO 4736 Comm1 Tema 

Tel: +233 (0) 242132188/272105388




Cambridge International College is a private, accredited distance-learning College which was founded in 1935, and is legally incorporated and registered in Jersey, Britain. The Government of Jersey, Britain, has officially confirmed in writing to GTEC that Cambridge International College:
- is permitted to offer and grant diplomas and certificates;
- acts and operates lawfully within the bounds of Jersey’s domestic legislation;
- is confirmed and acknowledged as being Accredited and meeting quality standards;
- has ‘Recognised’ status and may offer programs and provide awards worldwide (including in Ghana).

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