Major Topics
Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:
  • The organisation and its environment, organisational goals, aims and objectives. Decision-making.
  • Perception: stereotyping, pigeonholing and compartmentalisation. Attitudes, values and beliefs.
  • Learning, specialisation, development. Motivation processes and motivational theories.
  • Personality, roles. Communication: direction, two-way, barriers. Influence, power, authority, control.
  • Delegation of responsibility. Leadership: functions, styles. Teams and workgroups, development.
  • Conflict. Spheres of influence. Relationships, trust, patronage, realpolitik.
  • Ethics, responsibilities, obligations. Culture, pressure, influences. Technology, production.
  • Organisation structure and design, centralisation, decentralisation. Change management.
On successfully completing this Program of study you will:
  • Be awarded the CIC Diploma on Organisational Behaviour.
  • Have attained an accredited qualification at Level 4, equated to the British National framework at the same study level as Higher National Diploma (HND) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 4.
  • Have attained an accredited qualification for managerial and supervisory levels showing you possess competence in professional work activities.
  • Have completed a Qualifying Program towards the International Honours Group Diploma on Administrative Management.