These Programs provide the opportunity to study high-level specialist subjects comprising market-leading content which can be applied professionally at work.  They are for men and women aiming to be specialist senior managers, directors, executives and professionals.             

The Program materials and syllabuses are suitable for MBA/MA degree level and stand-alone Graduate Diploma level courses; they incorporate the strongest educational materials and syllabuses written by leading authors and experts, and were developed and produced by leading professionals. These Programs are designed for men and women who already possess a good level of knowledge and who have completed appropriate levels of study, training and education, and who require expert, specialist knowledge for their careers, and who wish to gain specialist, high-level awards and knowledge in a particular career area. 

These are level-7 Programs, and therefore level 7 awards can be attained within a year, and without needing to study longer duration MBA/MA level courses.

Further recommended study includes the Baccalaureate or EBA for wide, high-level, understanding business, administration, management; or a full graduate-level AMBA or MBA programme.

These Programs are specialist subjects for higher level management development, and show high-level competence and knowledge in the relevant subject areas.  If Members have gained a CIC Honours Diploma, Baccalaureate, EBA or equivalent, and/or have significant relevant work experience, they will automatically be accepted to study any one or more of these Graduate Diploma Programs. They are not specifically intended as a progression route to graduate degree studies or equivalent, although they may be accepted for such studies, including CIC’s AMBMA Programme.


Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma