Major Topics
Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:
  • The scope and definition of cost accounting. Terminology; classification, overheads, total cost.
  • Cost behaviour; distinguishing differences, classes, prediction, analysis.
  • Accounting for labour costs and for material costs; pricing methods, stock valuation, just-in-time.
  • Absorption costing; cost units and centres; activity based costing; overheads, appraisal.
  • Marginal costing systems; revenue statements, contribution, breakeven analysis.
  • Costing short-term decision making. Planning, budgeting; control, zero-based, activity-based.
  • Standard costing and variance analysis, calculation, investigation, appraisal.
  • Capital investment appraisal; techniques, discounted cash flows, risk and uncertainty.
On successfully completing this Program of Study you will:
  • Be awarded the CIC Diploma on Cost Accounting.
  • Have attained an accredited qualification at Level 4, equated to the British National framework at the same study level as Higher National Diploma (HND) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 4.
  • Have attained an accredited qualification for managerial and supervisory levels showing you possess competence in professional work activities.
  • Have completed a Qualifying Program towards the International Honours Group Diploma on Business Accounting & Finance.