A Program ideal for managers of small or occasional projects who need to acquire the key
skills and tools required for effective project management
Project management is a field which can be of enormous value to many different types of managers, businessmen, administrators, executives and entrepreneurs. Many types of people in many different fields who may not be trained professional project managers will at some time need to manage at least one project. Projects can be as diverse as setting up a market research project, arranging an event, implementing a new shipping route, relocating a company, choosing and installing a complex new computer system, a building project or running a campaign.

Most new ventures can benefit enormously from proven project management ideas and methods; it is not only large types of industrial projects that need careful organization, planning and control. However, not everyone called upon to manage a project is trained as a specialist project manger, and few people have the time or the need to study to become a career project manager. This Program is intended to assist managers of all kinds of occasional projects, people who need a practical introduction to project management, and those looking for careers in the field.

Emmanuel Nganirwa,
CIC Member in Rwanda,
(Project Supervisor)
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The Fee for this Career Progress Diploma Program is:

In British Pounds: a single payment of £220.

In US Dollars: a single payment of US$440.

In Euros: a single payment of Euro 330.

This Fee includes the supply by registered airmail post of two professional Study & Training Publications,  Self-Assessment Tests and Recommended Answers, Stationery and a detailed ‘Study & Training Guide’. It also includes an Examination (despatched to the appointed Invigilator under registered cover) and the award of the CIC International Diploma when that has been passed. It also includes privileged access to the CIC Member Services Website.