IADL - Accreditation of CIC

IADL accreditation of CIC

Cambridge International College is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning

The International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) promotes quality and excellence in open, distance and online learning.  The IADL provides validation and recognition of accredited course-providers, and provides benchmarking, approval and recognition of open and distance learning programmes.   Because CIC is an accredited member of the IADL global learners can be confident of the quality of CIC and the courses offered.

For CIC to achieve Accredited Membership of the IADL, the International Association for Distance Learning conducted an appraisal of CIC’s administrative procedures, methods of course delivery, educational materials and quality control systems. 

Accreditation is a process which assures the public that an institution has clearly defined and appropriate objectives and maintains conditions for their achievement.  CIC’s Accredited Member status shows that the College satisfies IADL’s assessors, officers and regulatory staff and that its courses and services comply with the standards required by the IADL.

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