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SPARK for Training & Development
is the Special, Exclusive Affiliate
for Cambridge International College in EGYPT.

CIC Applicants, potential CIC Members and current CIC Members and Diplomates in EGYPT may contact CIC directly, OR they may contact SPARK for Training & Development for assistance and advice on enrolling with CIC in Egypt.

SPARK for Training & Development can: 

* help CIC applicants in Egypt prepare registration documents and fees, and despatch them to CIC by courier; 
* provide study assistance - including in Arabic language - and organise study plans for enrolled CIC Members; 
* assist in Examination arrangements and Invigilation; 
* deliver CIC Trans and Awards to successful CIC Members; 
* assist, if requested, in providing additional attestation and stamping services; 
* invite CIC Members to attend an annual Graduation Ceremony. 

SPARK for Training & Development is a highly professional and experienced institution, providing a high level of service and care, and is Cambridge International College’s Affiliate in Egypt. 

Pictured are 5 of CIC’s many Members in Egypt, collecting CIC Certificates, Diplomas and BA awards from the College Vice Principal (right) with Dr Beltagi of SPARK (left) at a Graduation Ceremony held in Cairo in April 2007. CIC Members pictured are: Joseph Origanos Aziz, Abd Al Rahman Mohamed El Sayed, Osama Al Hussiny Hamad, Jermeen Barsoom, Hany Adib Abdel Messih. 

Click here to see more photographs of the Ceremony

Contact details for CIC’s Affiliate for (Egypt):
SPARK for Training for Development
80B Musaddak Street (4th Floor)

email: info@spark-eg.com
tel: 202 333 81081 and Mob: +201141111304