Accreditation and Approval of Training and Qualifications





Cambridge International College is an accredited, approved, recognised international British College, providing professional, accredited and vocationally oriented Study& Training for career development and career success.


Cambridge International College has Members and Graduates (past and current students) in over 200 countries worldwide and has been providing professional, recognised and respected study and training for over 70 years


Cambridge International College provides study through several means, including full-time, part-time and evening-courses through CIC centres and Affiliate organisations in countries around the world; by supported self-study, often with tutorial or administrative support from CIC centres and Affiliate organisations around the world.


The College Principal, Dr. Stephen M Lawson has been involved in the provision of high-quality, accredited professional study and training internationally for more than 50 years. 


The College takes very seriously its accredited status, credibility and approval, and is proud of its high reputation and standards, and we are happy to let the successes of our Members attest to the quality and status of the College:


The British Institute for Learning and Development

- a Membership of specialists in Learning

*   CIC is an approved Full Member of the British Institute for Learning and Development (BILD), formed under the guidance of the British Department for Education & Skills (Ministry of Education). BILD’s role is to promote quality, development and good practice in learning and development. BILD offers a professional, independent view of learning organisations, and comprises member organizations committed to excellence in learning and development.

*   BILD Members are specialists in open, flexible and distance learning.  CIC’s Membership of BILD is an assurance of CIC’s commitment to the Code of Conduct, of CIC’s quality and good practice and standards of professionalism.  CIC’s Membership of the BILD indicates CIC’s expertise in learning, its professional performance and its credibility as an organisation for development and excellence.


Education Development International

- an Accreditation, Qualifications, Endorsement and Awards body

*   Cambridge International College Career Diplomas are endorsed by EDI at Level 4, equated on the British National Framework at the same study level as HND and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 4.  Level 4 is for professional development and is appropriate for people working in technical and professional jobs, and/or managing and developing others.  


*   Cambridge International College’s Higher Programmes, including Honours (Advanced) Diplomas and Business Administration Programmes are endorsed by EDI at Level 5, equated on the British National Framework as the same study level as NVQ 5. Level 5 Learning at this level involves the demonstration of high levels of knowledge, work expertise in job roles and competence in managing and training others. 


*   EDI provides external certification as an accredited regulated UK Awarding Body of CIC’s endorsed qualifications. CIC is approved to deliver Awards and meets quality assurance, content, structure and assessment standards for provision of learning programmes, and is recognised for high quality training and learning provision.


International Association for Distance Learning

- Promoting Excellence and Benchmarking in Distance, Open and Online Learning

*    The International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) promotes quality and excellence in open, distance and online learning.  The IADL provides validation and recognition of course-providers, and provides benchmarking, approval and recognition of open and distance learning programmes, allowing global learners to be confident of the quality of its Members and the courses they offer.


*  Membership of the IADL includes appraisal of administrative procedures, methods of course delivery, educational materials and quality control systems. Accreditation is a process which assures the public that an institution has clearly defined and appropriate objectives and maintains conditions for their achievement. The IADL fosters excellence through the development of effective teaching and learning.  CIC’s Accredited Member status shows that the College satisfies IADL’s assessors, officers and regulatory staff and that its courses and services comply with the standards required by the IADL.


Institute of Leadership & Management

- a body for the development of leadership and management capability and knowledge

*   CIC is designated an Approved Provider of study and educational programmes by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).  ILM is an independent charitable organisation and is Britain’s largest body for management, industry-leading qualifications and specialist members.

*   ILM aims to improve standards of leadership and management in order to drive social and economic prosperity.  ILM works with organisations to develop the leadership and management capability needed for success.  ILM endorses and accredits leadership and management programmes, qualifications, services, and quality training providers. ILM’s aim is for learning to enable managers to apply their enhanced knowledge and skills at work to bring tangible benefits to their employers.


Department for International Development

- the Department which leads the British Government’s fight against world poverty

*   Cambridge International College is a supplier of vocational and educational programmes for the British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID).



United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers

- a Government Register of Verified Learning Providers in the UK

*   Cambridge International College is listed on the UKRLP as a verified UK learning provider. The UKRLP is used by government departments agencies such as the Learning and Skills Council, Careers Advice Service, HESA, HEFCE and UCAS; learners and employers. As with all UKRLP providers, CIC has been verified against a recognised external source and has been allocated a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN). This is the unique identifier to share information with the UKRLP partner agencies.(The UKRLP is not an accrediting body.)


Evaluation & Accreditation of Learning Providers

- Evaluation and Accreditation of Professional Institutions

*  Cambridge International College is accredited by the EALP to ensure its adherence to good practice, quality and professional standards, and to promote learning wherever and however it occurs through the provision of quality course content, materials and management.


*  The EALP is a not-for-profit organisation formed to provide evaluation and accreditation services for professional institutions. EALP is registered under the authority of the Government body and in accordance with the ACCEPT principle.  EALP is composed of internationally respected, highly experienced and qualified members all of whom have been or are involved in quality education provision, programme writing, design and development.  The EALP can also call upon a range of external, international experts.


British Qualifications

- a Guide to Qualifications in the United Kingdom

*   Cambridge International College is listed in British Qualifications, the complete guide to Professional Vocational & Academic Qualifications in the United Kingdom.  Specifically listed are CIC Diploma Programs and 2-year Business Administration  programme. The British Qualifications guide is a reference for employers looking to verify job applicant’s qualifications, covering educational, professional, technical and vocational qualifications provided by colleges, universities, business schools and professional bodies and associations.




The mission of Cambridge International College is to provide high quality professional vocational Study and Training to enable Members to achieve successful careers. 


Cambridge International College offers individuals the opportunity to:


G    undertake professional Study and Training - whatever their current level of education and experience - at the level which suits their circumstances, from foundation certificate level up to higher degree level.


G    maximise the likelihood of Study and Training success through the provision of professionally and expertly written and produced Study and Training Materials and study guidance.


G    study and train to secure good jobs, to gain promotion, to achieve career success, to earn higher pay, to improve their standard of living and to gain respect - both self-respect and the respect of colleagues in the workplace.


G    raise their skills, knowledge, ability and self-confidence.


G    increase their value and worth to employers, the community and to their country.




Cambridge International College is a dedicated, efficient, professional, accredited British College with over 70 years of experience in the provision of Study and Training to meet the needs of its Members and the societies in which they live.


Cambridge International  College utilises its attributes and areas of expertise to attain its goals and succeed in its mission, through a range of actions including:


G     A commitment to high standards and personal service to all Members.


G    Quality assurance in management systems, programme evaluation and development, assessment, and learner support.


G    Monitoring and acting on feedback and comments from Members, Affiliate organisations, professional and governmental organisations and accreditation bodies.


G    The professional writing of Study and Training Materials (in Business, Management, Accounting, Marketing and related areas) and their professional printing and production.


G    The provision and development of vocational careers progress and development Study and Training Programmes, which include Study and Training Materials, Study and Training Guidance, Tests, Assignments and Examinations.


G    The setting and marking of Examination Papers, and the award of the appropriate awards on successful completion of the Programme.


G    The provision of rapid, efficient administration and services .


G    The adherence to the College’s Equal Opportunity Policy.