EMBA & MBA degrees (Double Award)

This unique and special British-American opportunity enables you to undertake a professional Programme which results in TWO international awards, from TWO internationally accredited institutions:

an Executive EMBA from Cambridge International College of Britain


an MBA (Masters) degree University of America of the USA.

Cambridge International College (CIC) is an accredited British College and University College; University of America (UA) is an accredited American University. On completion of a Double Award Programme you receive two awards - one from each accredited institution - to boost your recognition, respect, qualifications, career success, and opportunity for high-level employment and position.

Registration onto and administration of the Programme is administered professionally and efficiently for you by CIC, with guidance and support provided. Study is by flexible distance or open or home learning, with everything you need to complete the Programme provided and included in the Fees.

Some of the many benefits of undertaking this Double Award Programme are:

  • This is a professional, high-quality Programme designed and written by experienced business experts and professors.
  • The Programme helps you to acquire the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to become an excellent manager, business person or director.
  • The Programme design aims to enable you to earn a successful and rewarding career and to achieve your ambitions.
  • Studying this Programme is enjoyable and affordable, and offers you a flexible duration in which to complete; you can study at your pace, without taking time away from work.
  • The Programme gives you the opportunity to earn international recognition and to achieve respect; and to become a successful leader, executive and senior manager.
  • The high quality Study & Training Materials and both awards are included in the Fee.
  • Professional, accredited distance-learning ensures you receive wide-ranging knowledge for career development in today’s world of highly competitive business and management.

Accelerate your career and put a smile on your face; the equation for success is simple:

Education + Qualifications = Success

EMBA & MBA degrees (Double Award)