EBA & BBA degrees (Double Award)

Description: This unique and special 'Double Award' Programme aims to develop the professional high-level knowledge, understanding and competencies required by men and women who are ambitious to achieve senior, upper management and executive level positions and careers in business, management, administration and related career areas - all of which will be supported by two awards: a CIC EBA and a University of America Bachelor degree. 

Graduation Outcome: The 'Double Award' Programme results in graduation with both an Executive EBA from CIC - an accredited British College, and a Bachelor degree from the University of America - an accredited US University.

Who Should Register: This enjoyable and rewarding 'Double Award' Programme is available to men and women who fall in to any one or more of these categories:

(i) men and women who are employed or who are looking for good employment in any of the following categories: in manufacturing, trade and industry; in government and public service; in private companies and organisations; in local, regional, national and international organisations; in self-owned business; in professional firms; in service providing sectors such as banking, insurance, finance, accounting and hospitality; and in many other types of organisations. 


(ii) men and women who are aiming to be successful, competent, knowledgeable, respected and effective leaders, executives and senior managers, business people, managers or administrators in a wide variety of roles, positions and work types.  


(iii) those seeking promotion to senior positions and to higher-paid posts with more responsibility and better career-prospects.

Content & Study: The flexible three-year 'Double Award' Programme focuses on business, management and administration (including strategy, leadership and law) in its First Year/Semester; the Second Year/Semester focuses on a Specialisation area; the Third Year/Semester covers further specialisation and business administration subjects, and a Project/Thesis.

The 'Double Award' Programme includes the study of a wide range of important, interesting, technical, practical, and specialist subjects.  The professionally-produced study materials prepared by leading experts enable Members to learn rapidly and enjoyably.  It includes the preparation of a Project to blend the practical and theoretical knowledge gained, and to increase analytical ability. 

Progression: Completion of the 'Double Award' Programme gives automatic qualification for acceptance to CIC’s EMBA Programme and to the 'Double Award' EMBA & MBA degree Programme, and to Mastery of Management Graduate Diplomas which offer an additional MBA-level focus or specialisation, or progression is available with other educational providers or universities. 

EBA & BBA degrees (Double Award)