Doctorate - DBA & PhD

The Aim: Be recognised as an expert in your area of business or management, and undertake high-level research in an area or field in which you have a passionate interest or desire to develop your abilities to the highest levels.

This unique Programme offers you the opportunity to achieve a Double Award:

  • a Cambridge International College EDBA award 
  • a University of America Doctorate degree (DBA or PhD)

The Programme:  Taking a fully research-based Doctorate degree Programme through carefully guided and supported distance-learning allows you to manage and balance your time and your various work, family, and other commitments.  This Programme provides you with the freedom to earn your Doctorate degree according to your own schedule and at your own pace and convenience.

  • Develop advanced and well-structured business-oriented critical thinking and contemporary problem-solving skills.
  • Equip yourself with practical working knowledge based on current business research, theories and trends.
  • Gain top management and decision-making skills that qualify you for senior-level leadership positions and new career opportunities.

Outcomes: A Doctorate (DBA /PhD) degree in Business Administration will set you apart from the crowd, and signify to employers and peers your business proficiency and your commitment to personal and organizational growth - and your expertise.


Doctorate - DBA & PhD