Business Administration: EMBA & MBA degree

A professional, high-quality Programme designed and written by experienced business experts and professors to help you attain internationally recognised high-level qualifications and acquire the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to become an excellent executive, senior manager, business person or director.

Qualifications like those achieved from this Double Award Programme can open up new careers and employment opportunities for you and provide you with new skills and analytical abilities in the workplace. 

The first two study years/semesters focus on ensuring you gain a solid foundation of practical, vocational and applicable business, management and administration skill, knowledge and understanding. The Third Year/Semester focuses on MBA subjects which must be well-understood by executives, directors and senior managers in today’s competitive, professional and international world of trade and industry. The Third Year/Semester is also when high-level Specialisation Subjects are studied.

This a flexible three-year (or three-semester) Programme which allows you to study at your own pace (by distance-learning or open-learning) - you may aim to complete in a year or two, or you may take longer if needed. You can apply and use at once in high-level managerial and other work situations the knowledge and understanding you gain as you progress through the Programme.

High-quality Study & Training Materials for all three study years/semesters are included in the ‘Double Award’ Programme fee, and the planned structure of the Programme will lead you step-by-step to success.

You can register on any day of the year so you can very quickly commence studies, start learning and be on your way towards achieving your career ambitions and qualification goals.

We emphasise that the MBA Master degree award is awarded by the University of America.

  • Summary of major topics
  • What is included
  • Related courses
  • Study & Career development

Study Requirements for the 'Double Award' of a CIC EMBA and UA Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree:

First ‘Study Year/Semester’ - Core Subjects for all Specialisations:

  1. Business Theory & Commercial Practice
  2. Business Economics & Commerce
  3. Management & Administration in Business
  4. Advanced Management & Administration

Second ‘Study Year/Semester’ - Core Subjects for all Specialisations:

  1. Business Finance & Accounting
  2. Sales & Marketing Administration
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Commercial Practice & Law

Third ‘Study Year/Semester’ - Core Subjects for all Specialisations:

  1. Corporate Strategy & Planning 
  2. Managerial Economics 
  3. Business Finance & Investment 
  4. Project/Thesis (initial planning and preparations can be made in the First/Second Study Years/Semesters)

Specialisations and Specialisation Subjects

Specialisation on Accounting & Management:

  1. Advanced Accounting
  2. Cost & Financial Accounting

Specialisation on Business Management:

  1. Management & Leadership
  2. Marketing Strategy

Specialisation on Financial Management:

  1. Money, Banking & Financial Systems
  2. Financial Strategy & Policy

Specialisation on Hospitality Management:

  1. Hospitality Management
  2. Hospitality & Organizational Behaviour

Specialisation on Human Resource Management:

  1. Management of Human Resources
  2. Management & Leadership

Specialisation on Logistics & Supply Chain Management:

  1. Materials Management
  2. Logistics, Supply & Transport Management

Specialisation on Leadership & Management:

  1. Project Management
  2. Management & Leadership

Specialisation on Marketing Management:

  1. International Marketing
  2. Marketing Strategy

Specialisation on Organisational Management:

  1. Organisational Design & Behaviour
  2. Organisation Understanding & Development

Specialisation on Project Management:

  1. Project Management
  2. Event Management

Specialisation on Strategic Management:

  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. Financial Strategy & Policy

Notes and Options:

  • It may also be possible to offer other Specialisations/Majors on request to the College.
  • CIC reserves the right to amend or change one or more of the Subjects stated if required.
  • Study Exemptions and reduced Fees may be available based upon other CIC study and awards or acceptable equivalent studies and awards you have successfully completed within the last 3 years.
  • If you already hold a CIC AMBA/EMBA/AMBMA award then you qualify for the UA MBA Masters degree - ask CIC for details and a special registration/application form.
  • Examinations are supervised Exams based upon the contents of the Study Materials prepared by CIC for each Subject.
  • By following the advice and guidance of the College you will be well-prepared for success in the Exams and should progress positively towards graduation - as many thousands of others have done.



The Double Award Programme Fee includes EVERYTHING you need to successfully study, complete the Programme, and Graduate with the CIC EMBA and UA MBA Masters degree.

It includes:-

  • Your registration onto the Double Award Programme, and full, rapid and professional administration of your studies by CIC. 
  • Your personal high-quality, professionally produced Study & Training Materials.
  • Advice, guidance and instructions on approaching, preparing, undertaking and completing the Project/Thesis/Dissertation.
  • Study guidance and instructions on how best to study and gain top results.
  • An Examinations Guide which includes expert advice and tips on how to prepare for, approach and answer Examinations and Exam Questions. 
  • Self-Assessment Tests with Model Answers, and/or Training Tests or ‘Past Papers’ for Examination preparation.
  • Examination Papers set on the Core Subjects, and assessment of them. 
  • Full instructions and guidance on arranging to write/answer Examinations under Invigilation/Supervision in your own area at a time convenient to you.
  • Grade/Results sheet for each Study Year/Semester.
  • A Completion & Readiness to Graduate form.
  • The Executive EMBA award and detailed transcript on successful completion of the Programme. 
  • The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and detailed transcript on successful completion and submission of the required listed items. We emphasise that the MBA Master degree award is awarded by the University of America.
  • Your personal page on CIC’s Member Services website with access to results, despatch details, advice and guidance, and more.
  • Regular information and news including: Newsletters, details of special offers, details of new courses, special articles on management, administration, leadership and similar issues, Competition Forms, and much more, sent by email and post.
  • Invitation to a Graduation Ceremony (attendance is not compulsory and does not affect your Graduate status).
  • Additional Study advice and assistance before, during and after the Programme including advice on related and further Study and Programmes to improve career progress, development and advancement.
  • Dispatches of Study Materials, Examination Papers and Awards by registered airmail post (and sometimes by courier).
  • Automatic acceptance to a Doctorate degree (DBA / PhD) Programme.

Everything needed for your Study & Educational success is included in the fee.

Qualifications like those achieved from this Double Award Programme can open up exciting new careers and employment opportunities for you and provide you with a range of new and advanced skills and analytical abilities in the workplace. These opportunities can be for progression within your already established current employment, or in a related or totally new career.

The Programme aims to provide you with the required managerial, business and administrative ability to run, guide, administer and develop businesses and institutions. It provides a lot of practical content, therefore making it easier to positively apply the knowledge you acquire in a beneficial and valuable manner in the workplace.

The skills you will acquire during the Programme are transferable to other roles, careers and positions across a wide range of careers, including finance, corporate governance, consultancy, industry, healthcare, public service, banking, and many more.

There are many personal benefits to studying this Programme leading to the EMBA & MBA Masters degree ‘Double Award’. Research shows that employers view the holders of these qualifications as possessing a high level of credibility and confidence, exerting influence over work colleagues, and as being strong managers with effective team working skills. Such a Programme as this one enables you to challenge established perceptions of the world, the environment and the workplace, and to develop problem solving, management and interpersonal skills against the backdrop of a quickly evolving dynamic business world.

And if all of the above - and a busy, rewarding career is not enough - completing this Double Award Programme automatically makes you eligible to a Doctorate (DBA / PhD) Programme in which you can truly aim to become an expert in your field and undertake new and valuable research in a business/management related topic of personal interest to you.

Business Administration: EMBA & MBA DEGREE
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Payment Options:

British Pounds:
Single payment of £4050
Or 3 monthly payments of £1375
Or 12 monthly payments of £350
US Dollars:
Single payment of $5250
Or 3 monthly payments of $1825
Or 12 monthly payments of $475
Fee payment methods

Duration & Assessments

The Study Period allowed is three years (36 months) but this is flexible; the Programme can be completed in a shorter or longer period if necessary.


An Examination is set on each Subject, based upon the Study Materials provided as part of the Fee - detailed and easy-to-follow Examination advice and guidance is provided which should enable you to pass successfully and well.  A Project/Thesis is required to be completed - clear advice and guidance is provided to support you from start to finish. 

Each Exam is attempted under Exam Conditions supervised by an Appointed Invigilator in your own area/region.  Exams comprise essay questions which are set ONLY on the content of the professional Study Materials provided as part of the Programme Fee.  Full information on all aspects of Exams is provided to you when you register.  Full information and guidance about the content and structure of the Project is provided to you when you register.


Two awards from internationally accredited institutions: CIC's professional EMBA & UA's MBA degree; and exciting career and Doctorate study opportunities.